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  1. Even a market would be great. Essentially we need to spark the conversation and alert DE on how awful the current trading system is. I spoke of AH as I don't know or I'm not familiar with other systems. Nor did I put much thought into it. But if DE hears us they might figure something out? After all I'm sure they have loads of people who understand the systems way more than I do and can come up with solutions that I would never even think off. But it feels that even if we as a community can't find a common ground on AH discussion we can agree that the current trading system is atrocious. And I would be happy for any step in a direction to improve the trading. Currently I end up not selling anything for most of the time because I would much rather play the game.
  2. When I do that I get the same message 90% of the time "I have already bought/sold it from/to someone else"
  3. With the recent development of Warframe and the overall improvement of the user interface and player experience, it is time to talk about a way to trade without the need to sit on your orbiter and not playing the game.Today if I want to trade anything I have to sit in my orbiter or my dojo and spam the trade chat which is an absolute mess of text and the chance that you will find something you are looking for are pretty slim. And an auction house would solve this issue. And it is not like we already have one. We just have to use an external website for it, that being Warframe market https://warframe.market/. But that still doesn't solve the issue. It still makes you sit around in the orbiter and instead of that I would much rather play the actual game rather than spend couple hours trading. If we had an auction house in the game, the trading would happen overtime in the background. You just put the item up, with the price you want to sell it for and leave and forget couple weeks later you get platinum. And that is even if I had to pay let's say 10% platinum tax on the auction. I would like to hear your thoughts on this. And possibly DE's take.
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