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  1. Im hoping this is a bug, but when you buy wisps movement set to apply to other frames, you don’t get her movement set, your only unlocking her idle animation.
  2. I would be all for getting rid of the exploit with the vents if you also increased the drop chance of the emphera, but no instead you keep it all the same and just make something that was a VERY mildly entertaining grind into a tedious long winded chore, I would also understand if you could buy the emphera with platinum but no instead you force us to use a very select few frames (because let’s face it it’s tank or nothing now) to do this tedious chore! Fyi 10 complete sets of Hildryn and 0 emphera is not an interesting or entertaining mission in anyway shape or form it’s just a chore! This is suppose to be a game yet you won’t let us find creative/fun/interesting solutions to the problems you give us!
  3. please please PLEASE, give the arbiter shield drone in the elite alerts a small nullification bubble or something that disables abilities that cover a large area (mainly cataclysm) new found hate for limbo is in elite alerts, they use cataclysm, we all get banished all the red buffed enemies do not, so no one can kill them and you cant find a position out side of the bubble to be able to kill the drone.
  4. could we possibly get four play flappy zephyr and four player wyrmius?..... it would be amazing and hilarious to be able to do it with 1-4 players :)
  5. now thats a good, point ok another question, what set mods are gonna be released fortuna?
  6. dont get me wrong im still gonna do it and love it!, im just hoping it will be introduced in a more entertaining way :)
  7. question about the railjack how will the construction of them be implemented? i ask becuase im almost dreading what i hope doesnt happen, which would be railjack is released, you must now build the hanger, now wait 24 hours, excellent the hangars built you must now research the railjack components, now wait three days, awesome the components are researched, you can now build the rail jack components, now wait 12-24 hours, sweet the components are built you can now build the railjack, wait 3 days.... over a week after release you can finally play the new content and thats assuming you already have all the resouces needed and your dojo is set up so the hanger can fit.
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