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  1. For the Dargyn pilot killing riven, I suggest a Mag with lots of range and Natural Talent. use some big gun with no punch through to blow up the dargyn, then quickly cast Magnetize on the pilot.
  2. You get warned after each destroyed console that if you keep losing consoles, you'll lose the mission.
  3. I hope they take inspiration from the real pluto at least. some ice, but mostly reddish brown desert mixed with corups architecture.
  4. Yeah tbh having the enemies be more alert again I see as more positive. It was a little silly just how blind they have been in the last few months.
  5. One thing I'd love for DE to revisit is Operator cosmetics. Remember how most of the forums were angry over them breaking the suit sets in preparation for POE, and reverted it for a little while? then broke it again while only fixing 2-3 of the broken things while leaving in the dozen or so other broken things? the whole midwaist section is still floating above your operator btw. It may not be a big deal overall compared to mission modes and other funcitonality things. But in my case its a disappointment that hits pretty hard, since I bought 2 of the Prime Accessories packs that involved operator cosmetics only to see them messed up later on. It sort of makes me regret spending that money on DE tbh.
  6. The Leverian thing is a part of this update I had missed until I loaded into the game and saw people in region chat talk about it. after going to the market and have a look at it, I got disappointed. My first gut reaction to the whole deal was that future lore will not be part of the gameplay, but made mainly to make purchasing the ingame items more attractive. I expected the new voice guy to go "And with just a small payment of plat, all this can be yours!" It feels like the strictly money driven corporate parts of DE is gaining more momentum.
  7. but wait I already got that challenge? when'd it get impossible?
  8. Well if boots belong on feet, then why are we finding so many in the lakes in both Cetus AND Orb Vallis? It just makes sense that boots come from lakes. PS: having boots as special aquarium decorations would be magnificent.
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