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  1. I by accident a long time ago sold it without gilding it. Is there any way to get it back? Do I contact support or something? I found a post only 3 years ago and it seems selling all your amps to the quills will automatically give you the Mote prism?
  2. @[DE]Bear Is there going to be any fixed about this or not because there just more and more people complaining about this. Brightness is too low or too high. Please fix this issue this has been taking too long or you guys are fixing but not replying at all.
  3. He probably will when his prime comes out if it doesn't that would be lame.
  4. Nerfing is such a great idea and also not buff the other abilities because why not. BUFF THE OTHER ABILITIES as well include the warframe abilities because that's better thing. Why not give the community more feedback before meeting this right away. Having my buffs is better into this system and I bet halfway most abilities are going to get nerf OH WAIT Roar, Larva, War Cry, and Dispensary those are good abilities. WHY NOT BUFF OTHER LIKE NYX MIND CONTORL OR LOKI DECOY On Xaku, Accuse still seems completely useless AKA it's basically Nyx ability and you have to kill the targets if you don
  5. Why the hell is there color correction on for no reason remove the HDR Experimental and put it back where it was
  6. Why would you change it to mastery from 15 to 8. No thats just no.... Newer player can get up to mastery 8 easily and seeing they have to dump more resources into another system is just confusing for them. Let them grow as they do the game..... Mastery 15 is balanced where they know what to do and have some left off resources to use in this system. The nerfs are completely NOT understandable. Rhino needs to be a rhino, and etc...... BUFF THE OTHER POWERS of the other frames thats why we only going to use those powers instend the other useless ones
  7. FIX Kuva Archgun it still does self damage and fix the HDR some players dont have money to buy for it
  8. I had issues with the game being to dark or too bright. Before the update of Protea I had the map of the solor system being normal as it should be when I change something in my settings in game the game goes completely dark and the only way to fix this is to restart the game. Now with the update I cant change it back to normal every energy color is darker I cant see anything. If anybody is having this issue and fixed it please help me thank you
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