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  1. I guess i can say .. im a good demoframe. The quarks? or what ever undiscovered thingy that is even more smol.
  2. While i prefer them to be where they are, as i find arbitrations rather slow, i see no reason why they couldnt be in both places.
  3. Then i become even hotter and irresistable, which leads to them falling in the trap.
  4. Corpus will probably sell their fancy new flamethrower for the bacon grofit.
  5. Bacon is bacon and bacon cannot be denied its baconess.
  6. I like to see it in the different way, i see the little thing as a channeled "energy" being from the Warframe. I know its wrong but im not overly fond the thing and its looks
  7. StillJellyfish Nidus combined with Amalgam "milk".
  8. There are others than the main, though certain ones cannot be linked here.
  9. Ember - Hot pepper Chroma - Rainbow icecream Ash - Burnt food Nyx - Phenylethylamine Hydroid - Obvious wet stuff Frost - Frosting Oberon - Green plant stuff Nekros - Bonemeal Nidus - Bacteria infestation
  10. Resistance is futile as they say.
  11. Needs seasoning: My trick is to not expect anything and therefore get surprised if i see something interesting.
  12. I wonder why its different between us, and which of the two options the majority follows. Maybe some country/region thing but i dont have a clue.
  13. I like where this is going .. delicious!
  14. I really dislike the voice she has, so glad for my mute button. Though at least she doesnt spam as much but id prefer to never see or hear her again.
  15. I have an immediate craving for potato soup now.
  16. All i can say is, yes. A couple of years at this point, 270 pieces with the last being from october 2015 it seems.
  17. Lethal and non lethal nom nom from what i know of.
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