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  1. Yes yes yes Dare how you not
  2. Imagination is one hell of a "drug"
  3. Interested in a freshly made batch i take
  4. You can have popcorn to think on.
  5. Umm .. dont make a thread
  6. Interesting, but as long as it works for you :3
  7. Migraine runs in my family too, mostly me and my mother has it, but some others have started showing signs of it too. I fully feel with you on it. Do you have any medication that works for it? My prescription of sumatriptan takes the worst of it.
  8. I hope it gets better for you, frequent headaches im familiar with but not nausea, though i feel with you on both.
  9. Indeed .. and by .. A lot
  10. Pat pat, good MagPrime
  11. And then pet the animal
  12. Surprisingly a lot of stuff can be fitted into a little hactchback, though the handling becomes ever so sluggish. I also helped someone else move, just gets wrecked by it. Ouch, time to float then
  13. Good luck with that, may the comfortness continue.
  14. Oof Nice, sounds very comfortable.
  15. Ah okay, i hope you get set up fine then :3
  16. What happened if i may ask ?
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