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  1. I think it was Steve, but im not sure, but he hinted there would a entity similar to the Wolf, so maybe its those two?
  2. You should though, lots of good random stuff in it.
  3. Internet gonna internet i guess. I have put alot into this game, for the same reasons as you. As i like supporting them for creathing a good game, and its nice to see others who do to ❤️ A completely valid reason that some have overlooked, i do throw money at DE too because i think they have done well.
  4. This, i can recommend using a service like imgur to upload and then do as Viveeeh says.
  5. I used both on my Nova Prime, because she is my main warframe.
  6. I agree, its cumbersome to use and id prefer being able to switch rather than the current aiming style.
  7. Uhh .. uh .. umm Starts sweating Kitty boops your head with her left paw, while miauwing
  8. A little chain reaction should do fine Or do lewd stuff with them Kitty stops nomming and looks confused at you, afterwards climbing up and lays at your shoulders
  9. But why would i need an army, when i already can clear large portions myself, if anything i should find an enhancer that increases the potential of my abilities. Snuggle and cuddle is the best. Kitty refuses to let go while purring
  10. The first part sounds like an advanced infested plot, secondly id probably just end up snuggleling all day and not do anything Kitty jumps at you and noms your beak
  11. But why even have multiple of the same person, i dont understand. Throws Kitty over to you, which has an unfinished business with you
  12. Nononono, you shall not fiddle with my mind either.
  13. While you could make the warframe, that still wont be me, and what do you mean about something else?
  14. I cant be certain with you, and you cant just print more of me.
  15. In before Renegade starts throwing it at me because of the previous paint incident.
  16. That too, a clump of nullifiers and then one of them is an artic eximus to make it even worse.
  17. Or hiding in the ceiling behind things and such.
  18. Likely never, given the topic's nature.
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