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  1. This is neat for ambient sound, while doing other things or snuggling
  2. EVGA is a graphics card AIB (Add In Board partner) and ACX was one of the cooling systems for the GTX 10 series cards
  3. X And now we have ACX from EVGA
  4. Its odd, not a fan of it.
  5. Only normal bacon here .. and the rare bacon icecream
  6. I dont know much, but Tau I like, long death boops
  7. She is a cutie, but cats are tricky hihi Hehe Good luck with keeping a steady hand :3
  8. It reminds me of when the playstation 3 for breif moment had backwards compability and then they removed it. So annoying. By Debbysheen_
  9. A break can be good, but I have an "addiction" hihi Huh, that I have never encountered, though that is dumb
  10. Why would a simple dvd player be region locked?
  11. Do you want this white or that white .. or the new white over there?
  12. Neat, access denied field 😆 Depends on what kind of pain and where, mental pain is certainly not
  13. Yes, it has .. and what is that? a shelf thingy? And full time randomness with no judging Not if you have sensitive skin like me Psst what they dont know doesnt hurt
  14. I have tried that too many times to my taste, still eeerp Home, where you can do anything you want
  15. Needles always gets me, its silly but just nope Oof, though I do find them comfy to wear
  16. It can go all over the place, the randomness is good
  17. Aliens deguising as fish, attacking you with the smell
  18. Flying tsunami, too much water everywhere
  19. nerp random sounds so nothing
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