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  1. 8 I have tried those a couple of times because of surgery, but im not a fan of those either, but it helps looking away and not thinking about it. Anyway you inspire me to go further with it : > I have better idea than that, first dom then snuggle :3 Yksi, kaksi, kolme I wouldnt be surprised if there some place that believes in that.
  2. I would like to but i really dont like needles. Though good that you can overcome that. I cant think atm so idk, 900km so far, 1100km still to go. Its not me being sacrified and i dont want that either, but i want some cozy snuggles.
  3. And now its time to do another 2000km trip... Shrapnel explodies against the noodly appendages. Getting Agent Smith vibes, soon they will all be you. Welp, what if i started before? For the most part i would assume yes, its minorities that will have problems.
  4. I got scrap parts and rockets, more explody stuff. Come to think of it, it would be decent upgrade for Ogris, shrapnel rockets causing slash procs within proximity of explosion.
  5. Molests Mr Vrush with Spectra
  6. Ummm ... <.< ..... >.> yes I have my own canon and specifics, therefore is different kinds. But i live in potato country and already swimming in potatoes. Mr Vrush, please shoo away and go home to Grineer.
  7. Well, this was unexpecteeeeeeed Umm you mean 6, as 7 is first next year. Because i do not like infested stuff, its weird noodly appendages, gross pulsating pimple stuff and that it wants to consume me.
  8. ..... Well if anything .. its possible .. given the artwork i have seen, Saryn is strong but not like Hildryn but still.
  9. Learned the dark magical arts of the corpus mage?
  10. True, but Nidus relies on having targets to harvest on before really becoming undying. So it depends on that screeching nidus specimen has or has not. And the only one to make a steak out of me is Ember. If anything i can make him slow, so chasing is not easy. And since its nidus phryke, there is neat new artwork
  11. Inbefore you get spored. I agree, its a mess. If anything, its nidus that should be worried. Its a bit hard to run when tied entangled with rope, besides if do my explody they cant do the touchy.
  12. Pushes away and runs. No no no no no, no gross stuff on me. Yes, clean Renegade and kill that nidus thing that lurks around here or Rand0m might have claimed that specimen.
  13. Ewww shakes violently Cant have infested boogers near me, therefore they get the boom.
  14. Nidus doesnt care where either you are tasty or not, infested sees flesh, infested wants dat flesh Sneaks away
  15. He just wants to taste lick you.
  16. This kitty is rebellious, I wont do so.
  17. I have already spent the umbra forma on myself, with the next one too when i get that. Getting double Skana Prime requires you to become DE, though i have a hard on for Lato Prime. Have fun with the Nidus, im not gonna get invovled with that unless you want a local exterminatus. Not enough room in my stomach and im not stressed, besides i dont think Loki taste good.
  18. I eat most things when stressed.
  19. Jitters in confused excitement.
  20. Dont have enough mass to be a hammer, but kicking hits hard and else its just clawing everything. Cute Cat Nova 74 10+ Yes, i dont like being used in that way No infested here, only soft flesh, infested is over there *infested screech eminates from the corner* No manual and you need my consent, push my buttons and it may go in your favor or its you that gets a clawing.
  21. Waves arms and legs in a erratic fashion.
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