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  1. 1 minute ago, angias said:

    It is an SP mission, just like the SP mission in other open world.

    100-100. Also necessary to complete the progression iirc.

    It is not necessary, to progress you just need to enter the open world once on SP for it to count.

  2. 1. Yes
    2. Yes for the MR, I have kept none
    3. Around 6-7 months, due to it being grindy (the first 24 liches was before they updated the Lichlings to show their weapon) and I also had some small breaks between the liches.
    4. Its way too much RNG, I would like their being more clues in it. So you can figure out clues for the Requiem mods instead of just "randomly" bruteforcing your way.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Opyt said:

    We'll just have to disagree with them being "fine".

    My personal pet peeve: flat healing in a game with objectives that have scaling health is far from "fine"... but okay.

    The point of these examples is that they are not going to give it any half-measures when it comes to nerfing.  I'm expecting that DE will just make them equivalent to R0 with no scaling from mods.

    And that is just how personal opinions are. Im happy that they are adjusting them.

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  4. 16 minutes ago, mantasas17x said:

    i just think that nerfing things is not agood way to aproach things, some ppl enjoy certain playstyle and nerfing it sucks, this is not pvp game so i nerfs should be used on really op things not on things that are popular in this case

    You cant have buffs without nerfs, besides if its broken, it needs to be adjusted. Just because one likes something, its not an argument for not nerfing it. Same with the PvP argument, its not an excuse for not nerfing stuff, else things would keep being broken.

    2 minutes ago, Opyt said:

    But we know DE.  Or at least some of us do.  A "nerf" with DE is never a minor adjustment.

    Xoris: 0% efficiency heavy attack when using exalted weapons with it, down from 100% efficiency (in line with the rest of the melee weapons)

    Protective Dash: 500 hitpoints over 5 seconds with no stacking, down from 60% hitpoints over 5 seconds with 5 seconds of invulnerability on stationary objectives

    Gara Splinter Storm: 50% capped damage reduction, down from 70% damage reduction on stationary objectives

    Catchmoon: (had to look it up)

    • Decreased fall off damage from 100 to 10.
    • Decreased range of projectile from 40m to 20m and fall off range from 20-30m to 8-16m.

    Zakti: self-stagger when in range of exploding dart from no stagger (and importantly: no self-damage) when in range of exploding dart.


    We know DE.  And from this, we can judge that DE policy is "no half measures" when it comes to "nerfing" things.  I.E. I will be massively surprised if War Cry isn't a flat bonus 25 to 30% attack speed.

    Im not saying they are perfect, no one are. I agree with examples you brought, they are fine in my opinion.

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  5. 5 hours ago, DrakeWurrum said:

    Welp, I find as someone who's been here about as long as you that this is something that should happen. I'm looking forward to this and honestly expected something like this to happen eventually.

    I just wish the system had fewer limitations.

    A modular frame is not entirely unexpected, not to me, but this variant is.

    In this regard, I like there are limitations due to the potential of combinations. Though I also think its a bit early to tell.

  6. 1 hour ago, MagPrime said:

    We are tossing computers at work and for some reason I asked to take them home. 


    They could be wiped and donated to those that likes to fiddle and repair

  7. 2 minutes ago, (PS4)Spider_Enigma said:

    problem is we dont have the numbers now, and it could be worse then we think it is, or be a non issue... but we have to wait to find out 

    It has nothing to do with numbers. Its about their identity.

    Read closer, I literally dont want the abilities to be transferable. Instead it would be new ones inspired of the warframes but unique and not directly copy pasted from the warframes to another one.

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  8. 17 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

    Uh oh.

    Some of the Helminth abilities are getting nerfed when infused. Salt incoming. Duck and cover people.

    Perfect, I in need of salt for my food.

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  9. 18 hours ago, PsiWarp said:

    It's without a doubt that abilities are themed with their Warframe in mind, but as we will soon see, even their seemingly unique capabilities can extend to others of their kind.

    Warframes are biomechanical marvels that harness a borderline magical force to achieve extraordinary feats. Not unlike superheroes wielding fantastic powers, drawn directly from the dreams and imagination of children so aptly fitting as both pilot and partner to these once-Dax. While it may seem odd at first, I think the Helminth System will grow on me (literally and figuratively) over time, knowing what Warframes are and still discovering what they are truly capable of.

    I guess it depends on how you see it. The way I see their creation, is a combination with the Helminth strain and tech, which defines their abilities.
    Like, Helminth is not solely responsible for giving them their abilities, but is combined with tech that gives the final result.

    Hence it makes more sense for me, that Helminth can give its own varients instead of taking someone else's (or alter an already existing ability)

    4 hours ago, VanFanel1980mx said:

    I think the Helminth abilities obtained from a warframe could still be themed after said warframe but not be part of their kit, that is, some new abilities easier to balance, like getting a fire based ability from Ember or Nezha (different abilities of course), not quite the ones they originally had, illusion ability from Mirage, speed based from Gauss, etc.

    Yes, I think we have a similar interpretation. Its just with Helminth's own take on it, and would also make sense in regards to what each Warframe would give.

    3 hours ago, kaotis said:

    In a way you are right, some abilities like larva... are not suited to be considered imersive... but others like shuriken or decoy... in a ninja game.... sorta should work on any wf.

    Imersion apart, this system is meant for a min/max end-game-ish system , that's why mr 15 entry ( at this point the player has seen/experienced most of the game) so it's mostly for the interested ppls 

    I get what you are saying, but the ninja thing is nothing more than a slogan to me. Yes there are elements that indicate it, but also in the complete opposite way.

    Though, some "fits" easier than others, that I agree on. I just think instead of a copy-paste, it could be a new spin off, bringing a new identity (which also allows DE to create new visuals and such. Yes, I know its time consuming to do, but they are quite talented in my opinion).

    Instead of end game, I think it more serves as min/max as you said, but also as an option to get rid of an ability you dont like (freedom of choice).

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  10. 17 hours ago, angias said:

    So instead of giving a mix of existing abilities that may or may not lead to exploit, leading to potential nerf to those abilities and the warframes they belong to.

    Make new similar abilities that are balanced with the idea of being added to any kit.


    Might take some time but i think it is a safer bet.

    Yes, you can say that alongside having a new look.

    Its time consuming and therefore wont happen in the forseeable future (if it ever does that is, or something similar).

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