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  1. nerp random sounds so nothing
  2. Psst Im just as confused as you are I see, thanks, I think I have been there before. I will dig around some more
  3. My exposure to Warhammer has been limited, so I dont know that much. Though every now and then I stumble into it
  4. They go nuts .. and I like it
  5. Just a small note from the one that made it, the glow makes it look a bit bigger than it actually is. However it is still a good illustration of it. All those poor people, seeing the pictures is unbelieveable
  6. He does, he appears rarely though Time to find a way to bring the light to the other servers
  7. Blap the Lich and take her candy cane
  8. Fairly certain that is a sure way to get both accounts in trouble. Dont quote me on this, you can have more than one account, IF they dont interact with each other in any way. The best though is just to not do it, so you dont risk your main account.
  9. R.I.P and my unawareness plplppfff I have a small list over the different names I encounter, its a good way to get a laugh
  10. I cant seem to find the toggle for archwing, either Im blind or its not there anymore I am aware of it, the expeimental flight was not good for me but I cant seem to find it in the options anymore.
  11. Must be a very good weekly praise then Having one rotational axis locked would be way less confusing as in old AW instead of going everywhere. Toggle for railjack when
  12. Wednesday and Weekend Mags sounds fun
  13. Last Caturday of this year A Mag for each day of the week, praise each Mag each day
  14. Admins are over mods, mods have done it before. The biggest bamboozle would be the server operator Nice and oof, Warfram aint picky
  15. Nah, needs Admin power to do that
  16. Mew mew .. meeeewww Yes, I dare hue hue hue
  17. Then play with the cat to burn the extra noms
  18. Not if you are a responsible birb
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