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  1. Hm a more mild dosis comparatively, makes sense. True that, and Harrow can partly absorb Valkyr's rage.
  2. Hmm i see, but what about Valkyr ? since she has better materials used in the hybrid process.
  3. I see, sentient traits carrying over when exposed to the void. How do you then keep it under control?
  4. Uncontrolled anger and consuming warframe materials .. now that creeps me a little. So literally eat one if standing to close? And this hybrid thing does what? Increased strenght? New visuals?
  5. Hungry? .. for what? And angry too, hasnt he eaten for days or something?
  6. Wakes up and is a bit snoozy, still holding the kavat in a tight grip .. where did the beach go? .. What happened? I can tell you, i have been searching for the last one.
  7. Im too tired at the moment, maybe another time.
  8. That be quite the chase in my panicked state. Pets the kavat, which miauws for its bird No my little one, you cannot have birdy right now.
  9. Got to shove a second Umbra forma on myself :3 Oh blushes slightly My Kavat agrees on that statement.
  10. Whats this now?? A bit late id say, or rather quite late.
  11. Understandable, though id prefer parasitic eximus to get a change so they dont drain all your energy. So for example they can drain X% of your total energy capacity, or decrease your energy efficiency if you choose to use a ability when near them.
  12. Yes, a bit hard to escape a ship, but now i sit in my little corne for now.
  13. A jab at the randomness hmm They do exist, just rare.
  14. The End. What spell, last time i checked i wasnt a magician.
  15. Oh .. welp, unexpected.
  16. Its hard for it to make sense and will take some for it to ever do. Its important to find something you enjoy, both with your free time and with your job, it will help with how life feels. Freedom is a bit subjective, at one point you are free to do many things and on the other point there are expectations you are required to do (which varies depending on where you live). Though i can recommend to seek help from others, as standing with it yourself is a immense task. Someone to talk to about it, allow yourself to release your feelings and get it sorted. A psychiatrist or a psychologist maybe.
  17. C-cant be worse than .. than that .. crabdroid thing. Besides you are not out of control. W-what are you going to do now? Remains sitting in the corner, albeit a bit more relaxed than before
  18. N-no, b-bu b-but still creeps me out .. t-this is highly u-unusual for me Carefully observes while trying to be as small as possible
  19. The kuva experiments .. sentients .. weird things
  20. Sits completely still for a moment before backing into a corner I-in d-distress
  21. Wakes up and doesnt know where i am
  22. Must hide, must get away Ignores and continues before getting restrained Struggles violently to get free before fainting
  23. Freezes completely still for a moment, before resuming Flees into next room No reveals, must hide
  24. Freaks out and seeks a new hiding place In full panic mode to focus on anything
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