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  1. Especially if you are the bald purple guy
  2. Can there be a mute for Nora please
  3. Yes, i want to drown people in them, shocking love everywhere
  4. Needs more balls, want ball army
  5. A Buff Lech Krill that is a Tyl Regor fan
  6. Especially when the sides are beautiful
  7. Too much at once, its kind of stressing
  8. Yes yes yes Dare how you not
  9. Imagination is one hell of a "drug"
  10. Interested in a freshly made batch i take
  11. You can have popcorn to think on.
  12. Umm .. dont make a thread
  13. Interesting, but as long as it works for you :3
  14. Migraine runs in my family too, mostly me and my mother has it, but some others have started showing signs of it too. I fully feel with you on it. Do you have any medication that works for it? My prescription of sumatriptan takes the worst of it.
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