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  1. Indeed https://corgiorgy.com/ And there is a hecc'in cute cat running around here, small and playful.
  2. Thats hard when having fun with Ratels.
  3. When ever it happens, i always think i have quacked up somewhere and become banned, just for that split second.
  4. Archived is only when threads "die out" or reached a certain point of no activity so there is no reason to keep it interactable. You could say it do or rather the inhabitants gets annoyed and nibbles away. Indeed, it said that the thread did not exist when i tried to view it.
  5. I think im gonna jump over that one and go straight for the SHINIES! Not if we do it in the void.
  6. Im in a rather snakeless country, so i dont know. So Argon Lobster.
  7. Soul: Im finally free! Nekros: Aw hell naw, GET BACK THERE! YOUR JOB AINT FINISHED! Soul: Uh oh The only seafood i can eat is seasalt, so i aint gonna touch dat one. But lobster goes bad rather quick.
  8. @angias We have a customer for your salad. He will go fine alongside the salad.
  9. To win you must eat this salad.
  10. But how do you hypnotise one that cannot see? cue Uncle Betrayer
  11. Unless they make it so it can fit multiple tentacles to one joint. Imagine the possibilities Count me in as well.
  12. Noodle spedoodle and this came to mind: Its for the Firehawt
  13. Lots of floaty boat in the mind.
  14. Cozy snuggleling in the floof pit .. and then blow everything up.
  15. Double the evil, double the kink. Hyped asians?
  16. Got my own "celestial" twin Pretty house and then i can inhale the fumes and die. I always thought it locked all to the same region and if you wanted to talk with those outside, you would change the region. Then again im used to everything just being in english, so i never thought about it matching the languages across regions.
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