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  1. I have heard the summoning word!
  2. Throws Nekros at the thread Bone daddy noises
  3. Welp, the course has been set then, i look forward to read what you think Plot armor is strong in that one, at least that is the reason i see
  4. Eternal suffering .. time to crash the synaptic responses With how expensive tickets are (at least here), id say no
  6. The more i think about it, the more annoyed i get that the inside and outside of the railjack doesn't match, turrets floating in the air, the front guns being turrets while they are not physically, side turret placements...
  7. Have a mew for the mew day
  8. Indeed it is, im gonna have it today
  9. Bacon all the things For me its potato soup instead, nom nom
  10. Its caturday, have a kitty https://i.imgur.com/DhsYENo.mp4 Surrounded by smol mews
  11. How about this https://i.imgur.com/9yLbesv.mp4
  12. I know the feeling all too well, my medicine works most of time until i get a bit heavy exposure, abandon ship!
  13. I am too, same with dogs and most types of pollen. However there are ways to get around it.
  14. I take that as a yes Pets Salty Ginger You just havent met the right one, there are some real sweethearts out there
  15. Yes, come here and let me pet you meow~
  16. I thought you were doggo Sad meow
  17. Especially if you are the bald purple guy
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