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  1. Kavat latches on Renegade It really wants those feathers of yours.
  2. I cant, im all kinked up in yarn.
  3. It takes a particular liking of your feathers.
  4. Its not me but my kavat, and now you are a part of its nest.
  5. Renegade gets grabbed by pet Space Floof Kitteh and thrown into a floof pit in the orbiter.
  6. Confused and worried look
  7. Thats quite the "cheese" you ate. Writhes in panic
  8. Because i behave like a cat, i could link images but im uncertain if they are allowed here or i could make a sketching thing but that must wait till i get somewhat stable at it. gets trapped in yarn Concerned "stare" are you .. transforming? Its more likely when either Warframe dies or mods closing it, though that has happened before only for it to be opened again.
  9. Severed head, first shot by Paris followed by a decapitation. Urghh shivers Suspicious miauw Carefully noms, ready to dart at a moments notice Your stomach is making unusually loud screeching noises today, quite worrying to be honest.
  10. Ingredient for voodoo magic, now that is out the window .. for now.
  11. Leaves a little timer circuit coupled to button and then hides. "Activation procedure initates in 5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. executing activation sequence."
  12. He can be free him in a moment, i will just get to my safe place first. No thanks, im on a diet.
  13. But can birb be trusted with such a thing? Miauw :3 purrrrrrrr
  14. Cant have birb know my true and only personal panic room hidding space.
  15. Confused miuaw! Doesnt want birb to be hurt but isnt overly exited of releasing birb either
  16. Bawkses! sticks to the side of box
  17. Its the same as Nova, though he just needs 9 daggers while Nova needs 18 Starts to achieve 90%. Wiii
  18. N-no no no huddles together like a little rock Not with PBR, fixes a lot of the shiny plastic looking textures
  19. Dont have to be~ B-b-but i "cant" see, only sense through the suit and its neuro coupler.
  20. Then i get my suit wet, though it is relaxing but i have Ember for hot stuff. I-i-ndoctrinate .. what?? Because they are great and intentionally catchy
  21. Just because i can come back doesnt mean i like being cooked. 'Resist And "Bite" ' Doesnt matter when i dont like them.
  22. Explodes freezer and kicks Renegade Thats not how you treat a smol insecure lady "Who has the wormholes here?" and if anything what rand0m says holds true, it would be murdertime fueled by pure hatred.
  23. In reality i dont know that dimension either, only the one i have in my mind (think Valkyr, thats how i see cat girl).
  24. Renegade wants to cook parts of me It may or may not given my past comment history.
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