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  1. Double the evil, double the kink. Hyped asians?
  2. Got my own "celestial" twin Pretty house and then i can inhale the fumes and die. I always thought it locked all to the same region and if you wanted to talk with those outside, you would change the region. Then again im used to everything just being in english, so i never thought about it matching the languages across regions.
  3. Ah, rather straight forward process. Easy future home decoration :3 Hmm, i think i need to dig a bit into how it works.
  4. @Stalker_Cake this is your calling That sounds like fun, bamboozle the chat and they run loose. Wait, we have specific servers? I thought there only were regional SWORDSPLOOOOSIIIOOONN!!!!! And now you can get a bonus with unicorns. Surreal ish, i like it. How is it made?
  5. I havent read a lot about wormholes, so my understanding is rather basic. All i know is you cant move as fast or faster than light without becoming light, which would indicate its slower but there is probably some hidden property playing in that screws with physical laws. Kinda what you already wrote.
  6. Not moving faster than light, but rather bending space and bringing it over to me rather moving over there. Which technically moves faster without moving.
  7. Chroma is just a different way of punish me, anyway it fuels him.
  8. You should go out with Khora, then you can get a hard smack.
  9. Oof, i have tried that before and i see why its gonna be horrible. That counts for large parts of the internet. Well i could see through that one, but jokes just go past at lightspeed.
  10. And then they gonna look at the doc and think wat the quack, then throw it in the bin. I find this is the best thing to do ... when you get yourself to start, but then its easy. If anything i have learned the hard way, is taking it easy is worth it and relaxing (can be). How far are you going? if i may ask.
  11. According to my friend, who is a year ahead, nope. I think it does, but it doesnt seems like it. I am aware of the references :3
  12. Feedback would be nice .. instead only emptiness, which is annoying with all the time spent writing a good application & CV Power Engineering, though i have to get my internship first.
  13. Color me surprised, games being a source of interest (would think of a game developer for that), though i dont have an easy time to make a connection between my hobbies and my soon to be working field. Anyway i will just have to keep digging.
  14. Yup, though it is still silly. Huh, im gonna take a note of that, thanks.
  15. Good luck with yer grinding. Heh, i may or may not notice as my confusion is real. Ah, the times of stealth Ogris. I used to do it with Ivara and Tonkor, then it died and i resumed my focus farming when ESO was introduced.
  16. I too used Saryn, farmed in ESO, so i have all focus passives and i consider my focus grind over (even got the achievement for maxing out a tree without even doing that). I have maxed Quills but need the last level with Vox as i havent touched profit taker (aside from that one time with nightwave). He may even have done that without i ever knowing.
  17. : > Not surprising given my use of them is rather basic, sneak, energy and ragdoll.
  18. They will get happy time with my long stabby, first tease them and then come with the heartbreaker (if they have any). That depends on what you mean in regards to abuse it. Though i do like to play bowling with them.
  19. Im very excited now, i have a little "present" with me too. He probably has backup clones of himself, so he dont have to die himself.
  20. Wiii I consider him on the lower end, nobody can demount the walking grofit locker. Thats why i set him against the Salad as they both seem to be on the low end. With his recent flop, he probably lost all his credits again and start from scratch. Ropalololololololyst should go home and chill, she cant even shoot the laser in the right direction. Too much lämp in one day. Indeed : > i just get stuck with the meme. The companies wants newly graduated people, but when you apply they say you dont have enough experience (or they never reply back). Then it just repeats itself over and over again, but one day it shall succeed.
  21. It could be awesome but the power potential would be through the galaxy. Then i can nuke one planet at a time :3 Did he die? I dont recall he did but it would make sense to keep the old credit bob alive. Cant have Salad V claim all the grofit.
  22. Nice! Weird thing to ask though, but i cant say i understand the job market. Frohd Bek would like to talk with you about future Corpus experiments It would make sense to sacrifice power in one area to divert it and boost another area, given there is most likely a limited amount of power to use of.
  23. In that case, it flips around the previous, risk vs reward with monkeys invulnerability phases. Steal the twin and then indoctrinate it to Loki Decoy Standards. Expecting a wukong but in reality sneaky Loki moving in.
  24. The image i can see in the mind is quite hilarious, but getting close to wukong gives him the advantage. Better to stay back with my no touchy rifle. But the cloud is slow and im little and nimble. Also wormhole as rand0mname says. Rich air/molecule mixture coupled with priming, quite the potential waiting. A polite loki is a new thing or one of the new tricky tricks.
  25. Hmm quite the idea but what if they are smart enough to see through that.
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