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  1. Can you smack Randy too while you are at it? gotta rid of these donkeys.
  2. *sad Ember noises* If Magicka has taught me anything, put armor on yourself and the molesting trees stay away. Though funny thing, zombies can bite them and the trees start barfing. So actually your theory is correct.
  3. I have almost all entries, aside from some unique unused (i think) entries and the different fish/animals. Though im stuck with a potato ethernet for the next 3 weeks time~, 1.5Mb/s up and 0.6Mb/s down. Should be no problem, as long i got my timezones correct.
  4. Yes :3 I had a bad experience once long ago in a public one, it left a "mark".
  5. Fits me well, 99% solo anyway Congrats :3
  6. New augment, Null Stars become Nullifiers to absorb and deny incoming projectiles. Nullifier: "wuste bao bab" I think i have to give that one a try, it certainly got me interested.
  7. Sexy metal They dont like catching up, they just like to clump together as a deathball. Only the Vapos Nullifier is high enough on credits to attempt tapping dat booty.
  8. You are not alone on that one, i sold both my 7 forma Ember Prime and Nova Prime, and some other gear, just to get rid of the lens as it annoys me greatly. So for lenses i make duplicate gear to alleviate it.
  9. Dis iz Threadnought Prime!. No cell shall contain the petite explody.
  10. You will not get my slippery body.. explodes.
  11. The orientation of the points made it abit weird to get used to. Though my main gripe with it, is that its way too big. And combined with only 4 enemies, it doesnt go all too well though at least they come to you.
  12. ;~; You will have to get me first.
  13. Phsycological watching... Can i make them into potato soup? Warm beer is a death sentence.
  14. A little hard when we have no eyes according to Unlce Betrayer. And then it turns on upon its "creators", therefore it needs to be silver so its not orokin.
  15. Good luck getting the postal service to deliver in the middle of bøh land Why arent you back with crazy Earl. Skag hide can house anything, at the cost of looks.
  16. Only materiel rights.
  17. Too bad, as a refrigerator you don't have a choice.
  18. It can take quite the time to find the right color composition, though i find low intensity colors to be hard to get right.
  19. Aww plis no, i hate those buggers. We can have the salad in there too.
  20. escapes by wormhole hhhuueee
  21. I know where the limit go or do i now? Also Corpus cop when??
  22. Yes pls, im runnin low here.
  23. This is indeed very sad.
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