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  1. 3 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    See? All fun.

    Squirms with Nova

    But we do need to disguise them though, in case someone decides to look. So...

    Sticks cat tail onto Nova's Akzani

    There we go.

    Well then.

    Giggles and wriggles back

    Fun noises

    About disguise, you now know how Gersemi Valkyr got her tail (also thanks art).

    3 minutes ago, seprent said:

    it also broadcasts its location if its stuck like in a flying ship, a pit, or box its context sensitive as it aware of your surroundings 

    While it works fine without a hindrance, a thicc hull has a tendency to block most signals so transmitters are needed to get it out. And with the jamming equipment onboard, i can attenuate the tracking capabilities and other signal types. It aint gonna be an easy find unless you are very close to see the spatial distortion.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    Struggles in net


    How cute, and the irony of a bird being trapped in a fish trap hi hi

    Picks up birdy

    I wonder if Seprent's experiment can be classified as animal experimantation, since you technically are a bird, a rather unique one that is.

    6 minutes ago, seprent said:

    Ostron #1: Hey there is a tenno on the unum 
    Ostron #2: well get him off he not supposed to be up here 
    Ostron #3: well he is climbing faster than our balloons 

    but yeah it was easier then i expected now i got a unum kuva lets see what i can do with it 

    More experimentation i assume

    Suspecious look with hologram me

  3. 21 minutes ago, ChaoticEdge said:

    I've been playing dauntless too long...I am missing out too much whats on warframe...dang it its hard to choose...

    Variety can be good, gives you a fresh look when returning

    21 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    Yes, yes, they'll all be provided and more.

    Fishnets Birdy

    Hue hue hue

    13 minutes ago, seprent said:

    I have returned turns out ostrons don't like tenno up there buut i got what i wanted since i can parkour faster than hot air balloons

    Ostron_1: "What is that?"

    Ostron_2: "Its moving too fast to see"

    Ostron_3: "Sentient Blubber .. it has .. awaken"


  4. 5 hours ago, seprent said:

    im off to go steal the unum's kuva ill be back in several hours might take a nap up there the view looks like it be lovely 

    Wally would probably want you to drink that .. stuff.

    4 hours ago, evilChair said:

    made this just now


    A puzzle game or ?

  5. 8 hours ago, Renegade343 said:

    See? A surprise.

    Hihi, sleep

    5 hours ago, (XB1)UpgradeAcorn989 said:

    am i only on that go shivers from these recent posts??


    5 hours ago, (XB1)UpgradeAcorn989 said:

    also cant we keep this thread civilised like the good human beings that we are??


    5 hours ago, (XB1)UpgradeAcorn989 said:

    Not if I have anything to say about and I do

    no more sweets for any of you until this thread gets a better reputation than just the degenerates cove

    Sweets doesnt matter when there are other means to get some entirely different ones

    wink wink nudge nudge

    5 hours ago, Renegade343 said:

    Nope, we want you here.

    And then we can do stuff to him.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:


    Tinkers around to make Nova's collar a shock collar and puts it on Nova

    I have the remote.

    Awaits anxiously

  7. 4 minutes ago, seprent said:

    you know im surprised your not panicking i could order her to drag you out since your now restained but granted right now im more interested in the void damage of my frame 

    Because i have a little "trick" up in my sleeve, doors only acts upon my permission and there are hidden turrets, ready to murder at will.

    5 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    I'll tame that Kavat someday. And yes, I'm taking the lead.

    Ties up Nova with the rope gun

    Not with your current look, too much food looking

    Flaps raised in excitement, while observing

  8. Well that explains why i found Lega to bad in the first place


    10 minutes ago, seprent said:

    constant regeneration = constant digestion 

    also not ready to test the effects of kuva on kubrows and kavats 

    Not the chunk that is bitten off.

    8 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    True, true. 

    Takes Nova's rope gun and shoots it at her

    Looking at your scratch marks, she had her fun with you.

    Uh, taking the lead i see. Quite giggle

  9. 6 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    Hm. Fine. No more bothering the Kavat.

    Well it would be animal cruelty to let her really get engaged, besides cant let her eat you with that stuff inside you.

  10. Just now, Renegade343 said:

    Starts fighting the cat to get away

    Starts clawing you in a pure frenzy

    Alright thats enough

    Grabs the kavat and puts her to sleep, and drags Renegade out of the nature room

    Well that whats happen when you start growing real feathers.

  11. Just now, Renegade343 said:

    That's... kind of not reassuring.

    Pulls away arm before attempting an escape

    Kavat jumps on you and growls

    She doesnt like her food leaving early.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    Er... help? How fast is she going to eat me?

    Well i keep her well fed, so not that fast.

    Chews on your arm

    You know, this is kinda cute.

    2 minutes ago, seprent said:

    i wonder if i sat next to your door with my void storm device and reality would just eventually peel the door open like a tin can 

    looks at arm seeing its now kinda gone with a void form of it left behind

    hmm that doesnt look good but i can still feel it and my mind itchs 

    You may peel the STS, but i can guarantee you, as long the dimensional field is here, its unaffected.

  13. 9 minutes ago, seprent said:

    i feel she is blissfully unaware of its murderous intent or is trying to screw with it by ignoring it by the way i used the brace to bounce off into your sound system so now i have to guess where you are and use the appropriate speaker its kinda hard to do when reality is currently trying to eat my arm 

    Guess she wants to be cat food or toyed with.

    7 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    Wait what?

    Is knocked down and dragged by Kavat to her den

    Yeah you are definitely on the menu tonight

    6 minutes ago, seprent said:

    you know i question your self preservation sometimes do i need to come in there and save you? 

    Good luck trying to get in here, there is only one way in and one way out, and that one is sealed shut. Though i can send her out to you.

  14. 1 minute ago, Renegade343 said:

    Pulls Kavat out of neck-biting distance

    Now, be good, and I'll give you treats.

    Claws arms and chest area

    You silly, it is you that is her treat.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:


    Gently slaps Kavat

    No biting.

    Gets more aggressive and goes after the neck

    Well i did warn you, and with that said, i might have to help you.

  16. 5 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    I'll be fine. After all, when did I ever die here?

    Searches for the kavat inside the room

    Growling emits from bush to your back

    Kavat lunges out from its hiding place and latches on you.

  17. 1 minute ago, Renegade343 said:

    Well, can you open the door for me so I can pet the kavat then?

    Then dont get mad at me if she attacks you, i cant control her nature

    Opens door, inside filled with small trees, plants and tall grass.

    7 minutes ago, seprent said:

    though tiny speaker on brace

    well then i guess the bird needs authorization to be chased by the cat also hello nova 

    You little stalker.

  18. 2 minutes ago, Renegade343 said:

    Hi, it's me. Can I pet the kavat?

    Hold for indenti-scan

    Access denied, signature doesnt match creator


    You know, the door only reacts on me hih and those who are authorised.

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