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  1. She is already on her way Slight giggle, pokes back Gets a bit baffled by the mimics response That is not what i expected.
  2. Oh ... uhh .. hello .. there ? Stares at the mimic Id have to my ship closer for her to get there, which will take a bit. A little tease for you hih
  3. Not this time .. i have teached her some new .. tricks, though she is still a bit wild. You had to make a lot of vibrations for that, could be a sand trap at that point. Id prefer being how i am right now, it has its advantages, thanks.
  4. For now im gonna lay here and then later she can have her fun with you. Squeezes further into the sand
  5. Mriiauuww :3 maybe~ Pats you on the head
  6. Heh :3 Its for the cuteness .. and the kavat wants you more now.
  7. Hihi, but you dond mind freezing me over or half burying me. Now your feathers will become more vibrant with red hues.
  8. Hands over a little vial You could technically blow the sand away
  9. Well you still have your brace or i could just do a waddafite with not water.
  10. No, i have a vial of funny translucent stuff to inject into you.
  11. Gets up and sits on bird sand pile
  12. Id have to get free or make the portal move around me. By throwing things into the sun as Vay Hek does, aka shouting potato. First half buring and then dragging me around. Sand sleeping he is. See, mini cow. On a remote beach hmm Explodes sandcastle
  13. Pineapple face instead of potato face :3 though if you used an Anasa, he would be a mini ravenous golden maw, with weird shouting. Sigh Dont become a shouting potato now.. Now you start sounding a bit creepy A goat can be nimble mini cow. Thanks This has no end .. has it?
  14. Please no Hmm, Mr Torgue tactic I-im not so sure on that. We can change that, @Stalker_Cake
  15. Understandable, though id prefer parasitic eximus to get a change so they dont drain all your energy. So for example they can drain X% of your total energy capacity, or decrease your energy efficiency if you choose to use a ability when near them.
  16. Embarressed standing I-im just a little one, compared to buff you I will make sure not to stand on you.
  17. Hmpf And what if its flying in space? E-everyone needs a time off once in a while. Which ayatan did you choose? As since the thread was created? Or the game? I been in this thread since sometime in 2013 i think, i dont remember exactly when. Also started playing early 2013.
  18. Cheeky birdy But what if you cant get to its hardware? No, i have other things in mind True enough .. but open areas can stretch for long distances .. and not surrounded.
  19. EXTERMINATUS OF INFESTED BOOGERS!! i approve of this Hue hue hue, in time How do you dom an AI? Flexing Biterates in exaflops? For sandy business Maybe its time for a little .. break ?
  20. Well its win-win for the gross flying bawks, not so much for anything else. Hihi, i have some ideas. T-that is true slight blush Hmm y-you may have some dom behavior in your .. umm .. precept
  21. Well, thats a long time Attention makes me embarrassed
  22. Or it just munches on anything it sees You already had some, but something else can be arranged
  23. Uh.. uh.. i .. i dont think the Golem agrees, since it wants to taste someone else. For what?
  24. Wait .. what Fortunate for me, you are light.
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