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  1. Better better, how many do we need? Weaponised potatoes to stop his uncontrollable periods? Or maybe experiment further with it?
  2. Some special magical sauce .. hmm yes While it would be awesome, i only draw as hobby and currently on the potato level. It will take years to anywhere near some decent quality. Oof, you have hold a little back, i cant keep up. Take this sticky potato then :3
  3. Well, what else should i throw my life it (rhetorical). She may if she gets some extra special treats and pets .. also there is already a singular shipment as of now .. so hih
  4. One at a time, they take quite some space.
  5. You got 3 options for storage and only 1 of them gives that.
  6. I agree, its cumbersome to use and id prefer being able to switch rather than the current aiming style.
  7. First target here already Silly you, want a slighty sticky potato?
  8. Couple it with an irresistable tease trap to improve efficiency.
  9. Iiik Yes we do, explody potato.
  10. They are already at a bare minimum heh, though i cant get home before my car is fixed but right now that thing is a better trickster than Loki.
  11. Kitty lets you go this time, as she is tired and lays down to sleep On another note, Profit Taker got a new trick up in its sleeve against potato laptop, Crash missiles (my fps drops from 60 to below 10 when the missiles hit and it managed to crash my laptop).
  12. Kitty sits up on you and makes some weird noises and stomach movements, before it throws up a blue potato up next to you Dont ask me where she gets those from.
  13. Kitty taps you on the beak and noms it
  14. Kitty gets a bit angry and starts snarling
  15. Kitty gets a bit suspecious and wants the feather back I used to watch them, but luckily EternalDarkMako is kind and makes overviews for us that dont/cant watch.
  16. Ill be aware of those Kitty observes you very intensely, as she likes her feathers
  17. So biomechanical "suits", any abilities or maybe enhanced movement and reactions? Curls up on you and purrs
  18. Made spares also i assume? or you could use all at once
  19. Kitty jumps and lays over your shoulder Miuaw
  20. She is special cat, and different from the usual. Made yourself a body? Kitty tilts her head a little, while still staring at you and your movements, miauw The blue or orange potato, with the occasional puzzle potato
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