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  1. Guarding your prize hmm Wiggles in a bit of a teasing way
  2. Oof, quite asserting arent you little kitty
  3. Neat, and even more asserting Valkyr. Hello cutie~ giggles
  4. But Saryn is stronk too
  5. Wouldnt have a chance against shield mommy Uuh a bawks! Jumps at bawks with Renegade still attached
  6. Which of us is lightest, as i wonder who are more likely to drag the other?
  7. Miauw :3 Rolls around and plays with the rope By that point it would be cardboard bedding. Comfy and hot cat beds. Maybe, we could also mix it in here.
  8. Maybe, worth a try. Could take all the cardboard boxes from all the shipping, easy way to shred those for reuse.
  9. Now that would be sad for them, they should have the freedom to do so. Though i dont know how much plastic would help against their metal claws.
  10. And larger, though they may get a flip and claw everything.
  11. Yup and climbing places, boosted Domestik Drones for fun chasing or sitting on them.
  12. That would be nice, also quite the task to keep then occupied. Easy way to relieve stress with cute cats, and true and the cuddles ❤️
  13. Or rather let them come by themselves and we can have a cuddle club.
  14. Becoming a gas giant on a gas giant, for farming all the gas, standing for the system wide gas supply.
  15. That be a one way trip irl hih.
  16. Quite enjoy Cycron and Lato Vandal for secondaries, while Flux Rifle, Phantasma and Prisma Grinlok for primaries.
  17. Just isnt an easy find, but when you do, happy time.
  18. As far im aware, there is no way to do so.
  19. I just woke up hih, sleep tight.
  20. I need Valkyr dom, we need to find her where ever she is hidden away. Aww man, i hope they get what they deserve. For Europe it would have to be Schweiz or eastern europe where the control is more loose. Sounds peaceful and enjoyable, aside from those båtnakker.
  21. Come here birdy Puts collar on I think they go hand in hand to some degree. My sadistic part of the mind wants a punishment that can be felt.
  22. While this isn't a thing that can be done, but I'd prefer eradicating them. Seriously though, can't you get the law on them for vandalism? Now this is being real cute blushes I know, i made mistakes, we all do but i have never ruined other peoples property or being a major ass to them (unless they deserved it). Respect and courtesy is far in between, which is sad.
  23. Already in place hihi Facepalm How stupid can they possibly be. They needed their butt handed over.
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