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  1. Im old and i want the old forums back.
  2. Nox + Exergis + Ground slam (Paracesis) = grinball homerun
  3. Ouch, its literally into the fire.
  4. Read so much about loans and how they cripple the first couple of years on the job, just to pay them back.
  5. Indeed, they help you getting through and then you pay back through tax when you are finished.
  6. While the linked site is quite nice in itself, my subjects is beyond its scope heh, i also have the "luxury" of government paying students though out their education.
  7. I suck at reading PDF's so i always go after the physical book, though sometimes it can be aquired used from prevouis students. Only annoyance is most of them are soft backs and if you want a hard book, the price is often the double (or in that general ballpark).
  8. Quite the deal, not what i can say about my study books.
  9. Gifs can be rather easy to use on a phone, its just a matter of finding them :3 Though autocorrect is a mortal enemy (next after hostage).
  10. I used to browse the forums on my phone, then they changed the forum UI and that went out the window (while it still works, its quite clunky compared to the old style). Though i dont have issues with fat fingering, despite using the desktop format, just have to zoom in a lot. If anything reddit is more annoying at it, as when you press on a thread it moves everything down a notch so you miss the intended target (because its expanding the box in some way).
  11. That Gimli laugh sealed it. Language is weird, especially with hidden ways of pronounciation.
  12. Your own digital "library" where you are the librarian or a real world "guide of the lotus".
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