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  1. 1. Play with full squad. 2. Trigger the alarm. 3. Profit
  2. Am I the only one seriously disappointed with Octavia? I've spent some time playing her and I really don't get why people are wetting their knickers. Let's look at her abilities real quick: Her 1: This ability gives her a damage boost and gives light CC (making enemies damage the source, but is not reliable). Idk about you guys, but given the arsenal of powerhouse weapons in this game, I have rarely ever needed a damage boost. And if I'm fighting stupidly high level Void enemies in endless, Octavia isn't going to give me the damage boost I need to kill them. At that point, I bring Nova or
  3. I wouldn't mind operator-only missions, but the little buggers have nothing to defend themselves and are weak as paper. I wish their damage scaled so that there was a reason to use them. Being able to mod them would also be nice, but I have no clue how that'd work or if it'd even make sense since I don't care for the story.
  4. What exactly is an "Archwing player?" Is that someone who plays Archwing for fun outside of leveling gear?
  5. In addition, I wish the game didn't penalize us for killing so quickly. There have been several times where my team and I would kill enemies so quickly that enough reactants wouldn't drop (Akkad fissures are the worst offenders of this). Having to focus on not killing enemies too quickly makes the game not fun. The whole idea of enemies needing to wait to be corrupted is stupid. They should spawn as corrupted until everyone has 10/10 and spawn rates should be increased for solo players (or even for 1-2) on larger maps.
  6. Why? Doesn't the Wiki already have this? http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Weapons_Mastery_Rank
  7. There's no official price for any tradable item. It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I'd say try to auction it off in trade chat. It is a good riven due to the flight speed on a non-hitscan weapon. See what kind of offers you can get.
  8. I go with max range and high power str. You can add streamline if you wish, but it's not necessary. Above poster has a nice build, though I prefer max range with Handspring.
  9. Kubrows are pretty useless aside from the invisibility that Huras provides. Kavats are harder to kill and have way more useful buffs. I use neither since they don't have Vacuum.
  10. Wtf? 600 hours in 5 weeks? Do you not have a job/life? Sorry if I sound like I'm insulting you, but that is not healthy.
  11. We had a few a few hours ago. But yeah, it does take a while to get the sets.
  12. My solution to that is to contact the first 3-4 top sellers to ensure that they are indeed online. I base my prices off of that. Granted, I have to do this every time I am accepting sales, but it gets the job done.
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