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  1. Yes, with one thing-if you play Saryn and have good build, barely anyone would kill mobs anyway
  2. But they are, getting anything other than that is just a matter of time if you works towards it and people already have arsenal fully leveled so cosmetics are the only thing they can get really
  3. You are missing the point a bit. They released aura formas that requires 10 nitain and then nightwave ended and any reasonable person would just assume that they will just come back with old alerts in meantime, but no- there was nothing, so basically people who wanted nitain and any of alert rewards were ****blocked. Hard not to get angry about it
  4. You get around 120 orokin cells in 40 minute of Helene with khora/ nekros, so uhh yea I cringed hard reading the rewards
  5. And I completely agree with you, that's why I quit to play other games. On top of that hope can that person call Mr 27 people nolife's is beyond me. I have almost everything and only 550 hours into 6 years old game. Truth is that all you had to do after some time is to play new thing for approximately 10 hours and you got stuff from the "content" you were waiting for 3 months lol. Some new players just wants to get showered with everything and get rewarded with stuff from things they don't even do then quit. And economy is nonexistent for me in this game that punishes people WHO got scammed. I got scammed 4 times, lost found 4k plat and items and had to pay round 200 dollars to get my account back because I got scammed by twat who refunded plat.
  6. Because they want people to do tidious things and timegate them and force to comeback after a week or as they call it "long player investment". If all challenges would just drop right off the bat then some people would finish whole nightwave in like a week quite easily when nolifing and then they will stop playing again. I really don't understand what is taking them so long to make new season. They already have formula from last one and know what they want to improve,it's not like they introduce new content or anything, they are just refurbishing already made one and add like 4 new mods and cosmetic which majority won't even use 😑
  7. could have been quite a few really but hmm it's fine : O Guess we get trin and saryn next
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