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  1. fix the slow spin bug for polearms/staff and bring back quick attacks the bug isnt new its been there forever
  2. can you not ignore the S#&$ rewards from profit taker stager 4? theres literally no reason to do it unless you like to jack off to your speedrunning footage.
  3. you really had to give me this during mid term exams huh
  4. took you long enough to fix the transference bug. btw still waiting for worthwhile spider rewards and scaling kuva survival.
  5. please work on melee 3 as long as possible please get it as perfect as you can maybe delay until 2020 work hard and improve melee 3 DE!
  6. 1000 ping is fine don't fix pls kappa
  7. 1. you want to make the spider worth doing by changing the rewards? because imo eidolons are much MUCH more useful and a lot easier (less gear requirement/less cc/no mobs etc.) 2. make scaling rewards for at least kuva survival, like 5% increased kuva for every kuva capsule drained to make them worthy for endurance runs. rivens are pure rng and around 50% of all weapon stats are useless
  8. why you change to the new lockers in the first place? only change stuff when players complain
  9. /embed youtube video /addvideo /command addvideo /command embed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dOBNBSqq9w&t=12shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dOBNBSqq9w&t=12s Here is my captura
  10. why do the kdrive parts not change the stats
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