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  1. After that incident, Hydroid was no longer welcome around operators:
  2. Potentially being grouped with people like the OP is the reason why play RJ missions in solo mode these days. I do well in my own RJ fully euipped and crewed, while the OP can continue complaining or whatever.
  3. Truth is, mobile gamers are literally the scum of the earth. They made companies rich with lootbox mechanics, mechanics that forces players to spend money for every bit of progress. They also had a hand in the simplification of controls and gameplay to the point where even the severely mentally handicapped can feel successful. Companies have butchered and sacrificed once great IP to the "mobile gamer" and made them buckets of vomit inducing crap. Not to forget the absolutely obnoxious advertising for their crappy mobile games on youtube videos or with "influcencers", where the companies blew more on coke and advertising than they ever did on the development of said games.
  4. I think you are quite wrong OP, I used the Strangledome with Whipclaw many times in Helene which shares the same layout and it works quite well. Yes, sometimes enemies get stuck but the same happens with Vauban ability or can happen with AI pathways being broken again and enemies stuck behind a corner. So OP you are not helping at all.
  5. No one will use a weapon, level it, forma it multiple times if it performs worse than their already existing ones. Right now there is little use for weapons that don't have at least some degree of AoE damage.
  6. I think you meant Nidus. He is overall a good frame. Not sure what rifle you meant, but sniper rifles are considered something of a niche weapon these days. They are powerful against single targets but in most situations you will want to have some AoE power. The Stahlta is good choice as weapon, same for the Ogris, the later one has a slightly more powerful Kuva variant you can acquire later in the game. Ensnare is a not a mod, but an ability of Khora. There is a system that allows players to transfer one ability from another frame. So I guess someone used subsumption to give Nidus this ability. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ensnare The Helminth article has more info about subsumption: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Helminth I
  7. You should be ashamed of comparing scammers to rats. Rats are intelligent and social creatures.
  8. Happened to me, while fighting a Lich in Saturn Proxima. I was charging forward/sliding in my Voidrig toward the target when the introduction cutscene of the Lich was triggered. When I aborted the scene I was still in the slide animation but unable to move . Also couldn't leave the Necramech at all and had to abort.
  9. Not regretting it at all. The skins look very sexy and I gave some of my less used weapons another look because of their look. Their animations are awesome as well. But it also highlights what annoyed me about the original Grineer design of the Ogris and the Drakgoon, their original Grineer look is a bit too crude for my personal liking. Also DE should include a few more screenshots showing the weapons in detail in the warframe market panel.
  10. I think it is a step into the right direction. New players are often lost and confused by all the systems that were added in recent years. When I started it was a bit more straightforward, unlock the star chart, collect void keys and use void keys for void tower missions.
  11. The blue nebula we are passing through while loading an area is really outdated and I would love to see something different. Perhaps a small library of different jump animations could be shown. Also some more ship skins and customization options would be nice.
  12. People have been asking for prime arch guns many times. At this point I don't expect them to ever happen.
  13. 1. Would be nice, but the entire set of abilities of Archwings needs a rebalance/rework. 2. Probably not going to happen since more slots would require some extra UI work. I think it is more important to rebalance the mods. 3. Salacia- Neptune is a mobile defense objective and quite good for leveling.
  14. Almost forgot this S#&$ tier of youtubers exist, since I blocked them from being recommended to me.
  15. Nekros isn't as bad as some people make him. With Health conversion and Shield of Shadows, he can even be a very tanky frame on Steel Path, while the shadows draw away fire from defense objectives.
  16. It is even more disturbing when these appear in the bonus areas of Corpus Railjack missions. When you have to board a wrecked Corpus freighter for something left in the cargo hold and the wardrobes and Corpus crewmen are still there. It seems no one bothered to rescue them from the wreck. It is probably a mercy if we shoot them while aboard.
  17. Usually it is okay, but when I do preservation I go with Ivara and completely stealthed. That being said, the plains are a mess while the Plague Star event is active. I would hold all preservation effort while the event is still ongoing.
  18. Does it really matter? Thankfully this game doesn't have progression ladders and leaderboards.
  19. I would love to have Chromas 4 to be turned into actual wings with the ability to fly while active. It could make a nice synergy with the 1 ability of turning that one into elemental bolts of damage while the flight mode is active. Turning Chroma into a dragon themed bomber.
  20. What would really help Nekros is if the damage of the shadows would scale to a level where they can actually hurt enemies. But to do it properly it might need a full rework of the ability to make it more like the Necromancer of other games, with an auto recast of shadows, plus damage buffs to them from using other abilities.
  21. A bit of both. The kit needs to be fun to play and have synergies. I despise abilities that are at odds with each other or interfere with the normal gameplay. But to keep me playing the frame, it needs to be visually pleasing as well.
  22. Kuva Grattler and Ayanga are also great choices as arch guns
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