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  1. the mode has faults and they nerf things that are strong in that mode. no, and not in this game Equinox DE doesn't care. they only cared to nerf the frame cause people would have fun in onslaught and DE doesn't like it when you have fun yes they did. and the funny thing is that you can still 1-shot eidolon limbs, so Chroma was nerfed for nothing
  2. and i disagree with you. Miasma spam is back for the star chart. spores tick damage kills enemies since they're low level and have low health and spores don't spread to other enemies now after the changes so players spam Miasma instead. if this Miasma spam continues most likely Miasma will get nerfed they may read feedback but if they don't do anything = ignore feedback i don't enjoy the frame either. Saryn 2.0 was the best. all it needed was the removal of spores on molt and some quality of life changes and that was it
  3. you have your opinion and i have mine we never going to agree so bye-bye
  4. cause 1) Miasma spam is boring, 2) devs don't like these kind of playstyles(Miasma spam) so it's highly possible that they'll nerf Miasma if this continues. and if we look at molt+spore spam playstyle devs do change these playstyles cause they don't like them and that's why we say to bring back the spore spread on death by tick damage(like it was in Saryn 2.0 and not like it is now) but tweak the spread range as i've suggested for balance. 5-8m is fine for missions outside onslaught that have lower density enemy spawn. also this will remove the Miasma spam at low levels so we're safe from devs nerfing Miasma to prevent the spam at low level missions and ruin the ability at high level and even at low level. with this change at low level players will use spores and toxic lash, and at higher level they will also use Miasma
  5. i cried from the laugh. since the frame isn't working the way i want to play it means that the abilities don't work after all these changes for how i want to play. if it was working the way i want to play ofc i wouldn't complain. i'm not that stupid. but since it doesn't work the way i want to play i complain. and i'm not the only one that complains. are you gonna tell me that those of us that complain are wrong and you're the right one? quick tip: you're not i will say it again in case you understand. in the 3rd paragraph you give me tips, etc, and in the 4th paragraph you say "Not sure why you are getting defensive and straight up rude because someone tries to give you tips" etc. it doesn't work that way. 1) you should have wrote your 3rd paragraph first, 2) i replied to you and i was defensive, etc, 3) then you write your 4th paragraph. you wrote these 2 paragraphs in the same comment which is wrong just to make me look the bad guy or whatever while you never gave me tips before you write the 3rd paragraph so your 4th paragraph contradicts the 3rd
  6. @BrotherAntagonist the reason that Miasma spam is back is only 1: they removed the spores tick damage = spreads spores on death so players spam Miasma at low levels cause spore tick damage kills enemies and it doesn't spread spores. but high level enemies have higher effective health so the tick damage doesn't kill enemies so you don't spam Miasma. to prevent the Miasma spam at low levels they have to bring back the spores tick damage that spreads spores on death but lower the range of the spread for balance. spore spread now has 16m range so half range would be fine. if 8m is not fine and it's still too much(outside onslaught i'd say 8m is fine) they can try 5-6m. outside onslaught maps have lower density enemy spawn so they shouldn't decrease the range to like 3-4m cause onslaught has higher density enemy spawn so 5-8m is still too wide. onslaught isn't the only mode of the game. if they bring back the spores tick damage that spreads spores on death and tweak the range for balance the Miasma spam will go away instantly(players will use Spores instead of Miasma and build the frame differently instead of going max efficiency to spam Miasma) and at low level missions players will spam 1+3 abilities and also cast Miasma here and there, and at high level they will also use Miasma and Molt
  7. you don't know how i play but my build isn't working for me? do you even realize what you're typing? obviously you don't. the way i want to play i have issues does the frame cast lots of skills(even if you don't spam) yes or no? yes. then it's a caster. the rest are irrelevant. she has high hp but low shield so it's balanced in a way. they gave her more defense recently. before that the frame was a caster. just because they gave her higher defense recently it doesn't mean the frame isn't a caster anymore. it's a tankier caster in the 3rd paragraph you say "Maybe you are running a low range/high strength spec and spam your spores too much instead of relying on range and map wide lash/miasma synergized spread? Spamming spores with a high strength build costs you way too much compared to a lower strength far range build where you pop the spores manually or through miasma." and in the 4th paragraph you say "Not sure why you are getting defensive and straight up rude because someone tries to give you tips. I'm just giving you suggestions on what can be done if you have issues with spread, stacks and decay." how exactly in the 4th paragraph you say you give me tips when you gave me tips in your 3rd paragraph in the same comment? are you messing with my intelligence right now? it's not working. and yes, you are messing with my intelligence. you can't write a comment to someone and in 1 paragraph you say "this is not the right way to build the fence. you have to do this and this and this" and in the next paragraph of the same comment you say "i'm giving you tips as to how to build a fence. you don't have to be rude". it doesn't work that way
  8. you don't know how i play and you tell me you don't need more power strength than 109%? my 2 hands aren't enough to facepalm Saryn isn't a caster frame? hahahahahahahahaha. when you finish a mission scroll down and look how many abilities you cast and compare it with the other members of the group. maybe you don't cast many abilities but i do. at the very least i cast more abilities than 2 members of the group combined. if this is not a caster then what's a caster? i'm not satisfied the way she is now and there are some changes i'd like to see
  9. i don't want to play a low power strength build and you tell me to play with negative power strength? as it seems you misunderstood my comment. first read the comment of the person i quote and then read my comment
  10. it's perfect for you. not for me i don't want to play the way you want but the way i want, and the way i want the frame is mehhhhh and outside onslaught it's even worse. i bet you're playing with melee-condition overload build and button mashing E, and when you say things like 70% power strength you definitely play with melee and just spread spores to do damage with melee-condition overload. i never use melee so your build doesn't work for me i didn't like the detonation on spores. what makes you think i like the current penalty? i don't. a caster frame with penalties? this is ridiculous. we're playing a freaking pve focused game and not worldwide e-sports pvp game. get real
  11. Miasma in Saryn 2.0 besides double damage on targets with viral it was also doing double damage on targets that had toxin proc. i don't like Miasma spam cause we're back at Saryn 1.0 so i don't use that spores was doing viral so i didn't need to cast a 75 energy ability to keep up viral and it had double duration at default than Miasma has now. also, spores was spreading spores when enemy died from spores damage so i didn't need to cast Miasma to spread spores was way better in spore spread and without punishment for recasting spores like now and spores were also spreading toxin proc besides viral Saryn 2.0 was the best and all it needed was some quality of life changes and get rid of the spores cast on molt to prevent the stationary gameplay. i don't want to adapt my build to something that is inferior than before and all that cause Saryn was strong in onslaught due to the higher enemy density so she had to be nerfed and get ruined outside onslaught that will not happen. Ember was nerfed cause of onslaught. she would be very strong in that mode and players would have fun and DE doesn't like it when you have fun so they nerfed her before onslaught was released. at least 90% stopped playing Ember and all that cause of onslaught was coming and the frame would be strong there so she got nerfed if we don't like the changes and speaking the truth we're salty? i didn't know that. as i quoted to another person Ember was nerfed cause onslaught was coming and she would be very strong there. they nerfed the frame cause of onslaught and made the frame extremely weak besides low level content and at least 90% stopped playing Ember. so yeah, that guy you say is salty is speaking hard truths and i agree
  12. i don't like this Saryn. it's hard to keep up the spores cause enemies at low level don't have high health so the tick damage that kills them doesn't spread spores like it did before the changes. before the cap you could easily reach above 10k. from above 10k to 3+k is massive nerf, and i don't think you reach that in 30 seconds. you need power strength cause with the cap of enemies for max damage growth the damage growth is very slow and you also need high power strength to decrease the stupid % of the reset decay when recasting spores. default is 20% decrease of ramped up damage. also we shouldn't limit our power strength cause ">200% doesn't work well with her now". it's ridiculous
  13. i completely disagree. aside some QoL changes the rest are nerf from Saryn 2.0. Miasma was doing more damage due to the double damage when enemies had toxin proc and it did the damage in 3 seconds instead of 5 or 6 that it needs now. with QoL changes the ability would have been much better than now viral on spores was better for all factions instead of corrosive that's good only for 1 faction. nerf. the spread of spores on tick kill shouldn't have been removed. another nerf and now it causes anti-synergy and it doesn't make sense that tick kill doesn't spread spores. when you kill an enemy you spread spores, when your group kills an enemy it spreads spores, with common sense shouldn't spores spread when enemy dies from spores tick damage? yes, and that's why Saryn before the 2nd rework spreads spores on tick kill. after the fix in spores spread range they could lower the spread from tick kill to 8m for balance(half of what it is now) or even to 5m for some consistent spread but not 100% guaranteed. imo 5m would be acceptable and balanced. the removal of carry toxin proc is also a nerf. the gas that doesn't pop spores is also a nerf. the introduction of punishment when recasting spores is a nerf and has to go away. spores only needed some QoL changes. now the ability is nerfed+punishment on recasting. the nerf on this ability is insane i never used turret Saryn so the change of Molt is good QoL i never used melee but the change on toxic lash is good QoL for my primary-secondary weapons
  14. if they don't remove the % of ramped up damage loss after recasting spores and make the ramp up damage grow faster i'm not saying thank you so much salt cause some have different opinion than you? nice joke. you gave me a good laugh the ramp up damage is slow and i don't like it. you need lot's of power strength so that the idiotic % of ramped damage you lose after recasting spores isn't high(with 120% power strength it should be around 18%. default is 20%), higher corrosive proc(120% power strength should be 55-56% chance. not satisfied with this %), and you ramp up damage a bit faster(with 120% power strength it's around 2.35 damage per enemy which is a joke). at higher level 120% power strength is low cause the damage ramps up very slow and enemies have high health to strip armor and for corpus and infested that don't have armor to strip the damage is low the slow ramp up damage sucks, and the % of ramped damage you lose after recasting spores also sucks, especially if the decay meter has started countdown. the ramp up damage needs some speed, and the punishment for recasting spores has to go away. then the frame will be ok. even before this change these were my only 2 problems
  15. if you look the counter you will be depressed if you see how slow it builds up. it takes ages to even reach 2k damage and if you don't have high power strength it will be a miracle if you reach 2k. a youtuber with 109 power strength could barely reach 1k in onslaught. imagine outside onslaught
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