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  1. Please make Limbo still be able to stop his own projectiles (or make it an augment at least). It's the only defining feature of stasis and, without it, it's just gonna be another boring CC ability.
  2. Patsonical

    Coming Soon: Devstream #112!

    When will Chroma get a rework, specifically to his 1 and 4, which are pretty much useless right now (Effigy's effects (attacks and stuns) scaling with range maybe)? What about Titania and Vauban reworks? Also, considering the semi-recent rework of Atlas, will there be any way to obtain him again?
  3. Patsonical

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.3

    Chroma's Effigy's attacks and stuns still don't scale with power range...
  4. Patsonical

    Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    Seeing Chroma's recent rework, one of his abilities has been omitted - Effigy. My question being: will its attacks (and CC scream) ever scale with power range? That might actually make it a viable playstyle, with a large-range AoE stun every few seconds. Shouldn't be OP, as the stun duration is quite short and can't be extended (like Banshee's Silence stun).
  5. This killed the RQ rework. It hits once, with very little damage, knocks down for a very short period of time (so it isn't even worth it for the CC) and cannot scale with duration. This will just make it so that people spam the ability with Natural Talent and we're back to square one - passive playstyle (people will just make macros for this and still AFK). The first change to the ability was so much better, as it was actually useful for crowd-control. Why did you decide to go back on it??? Now it promotes an AFK playstyle again, but this time we can actually keep it up forever by regenerating energy! Please revert it back to the first change.