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  1. I still think Lantern needs some serious overhaul.  At currenet it's just a waste of energy due to the fact that a stray bullet still sends it into the stratosphere (and then into the ground or straight past you because of the pendulum effect with the physics).  Basically if anything touches it, it's uselessly off somewhere else, and having 4 doesn't fix this problem, nor does having it return to the original position fix this problem (and actually creates the aforementioned pendulum nonsense).  Lantern should be rooted to the ground and unable to move, but if you really want it to move, instead of it going back to its cast point, have the potential momentum of it turned WAY down (currently a single bullet or even a corpse falling on it sends the lantern careening off into space) and if you're feeling fun and generous maybe have the augment make it follow Titania to have a functional melee playstyle the augment encourages (because melee strikes also send the lantern off into space, making the augment's buff useless).

  2. Titania's Beguiling Lantern is useless as is but is a potentially very interesting augment.  Titania is currently a pure exalted dps warframe with a small amount of utility due to her other augment.  Beguiling Lantern could potentially open up an entirely new and thematically appropriate playstyle for Titania.  But the problem with it is that meleeing enemies in the range of the lantern target will send the lantern into orbit away from the enemies that were cced and giving you a damage buff thus making it useless.  And no, the return function it currently has does absolutely nothing as the lantern just yo-yo's back and forth across its origin point and doesn't stay still long enough to be useful.

    To improve this augment we could have the lantern tether itself to Titania so she just drags it along behind her in addition to providing the current melee damage buff.  That would keep the effect within melee range and promote this weird melee Titania build that the augment seems to be pushing.  And bonus!  It would be thematically on point because the idea of a pixie dragging around a person it turned into a glowing lantern while carving dumbfounded enemies is pretty comical.  Like the enemies are just staring thinking "what the hell..." and don't move out of sheer shock while this pixie is just cackling happily.

  3. On Titania:

    Yay!  Entangle at a 30m radius is fantastic, now half of her tribute buff selection is useful!  (The other half is still dubious but I'm not going to complain too much about that.)  I'm less excited about the healing butterfly change as the butterflies still get one shot by sortie level enemies so being able to heal them in that scenario.  But it definitely slows the death of butterflies so that's nice.

    More importantly: Lantern still doesn't stay put.  My lantern lasts 28 seconds and if I happen to accidentally shot it with the Tigris Prime it takes the full 28 seconds for it to come back.  While this is an extreme example as the Tigris Prime is a shotgun, a similar effect can be achieved with something as small as one of the enemies in the lantern radius dying, falling over, and bumping into the lantern.  Until this glaring flaw is fixed lantern will 99% of the time just not be worth casting.  At least if I use her 1 not only do I spend less energy but I can kill the enemy outright so it doesn't just go flying off into nowheresville to haunt me later.

    Thanks for listening to the feedback on Titania.  Let me  be clear, you are not done with her yet.  But Titania is so close.  You've buffed her 2 nearly sufficiently (or at least sufficiently enough for me to not whine about it), and her 4's utility so now all that's left is Lantern's glaring flaw.  Keep it up and thanks for listening!

  4. Going to hope this post gets viewed...I know it's well after the rework at this point but still.

    DE, I hate to be so blunt, but with the Titania "rework", but my advice is simple: "Try again."

    Lantern's target does in fact return to it's original point, but now  it bounces back and forth around whatever area it's in and doesn't actually fix the problem.  Wasted energy.  The only way this isn't wasted energy is if the lantern CANNOT MOVE.  PERIOD.  Don't have it able to move and return back.  That fix tells us you want it to be stationary, but frankly, you've failed.  This "fix" only showcases how bad the problem is.

    Tribute's buffs while far easier to acquire are still mediocre.  Dust still being the only moderately useful one, which leaves her survival up to RNG.  Does the enemy miss (from Dust's 50% accuracy debuff)?  Does Titania evade (from Razorwing's 50% evasion)?  Find out next time!  So whenever Titania is shot, ultimately she has a 75% chance of not getting hit.  Which sounds nice on paper, but she's made of paper so that's all it takes.  Consistency is the key here.  And besides, bombards don't care about either stat, Titania still dies.  Wasted energy.  On this ability I honestly have no idea besides trash the buffs and make different and more useful ones.  I like the idea of extracting a toll from enemies and having a debuffing aura around Titania, it's very flavorful, but this ability doesn't actually function.

    So....Titania has a 1 that makes her status immune that she actively does not want to hit enemies with....and her Razorwing.  Which is still good, thanks for the vacuum.  But considering Titania isn't ever using her 2 and 3, her "Rework" amounts to just a vacuum on her Razorwing and a larger energy pool.  That's not a rework.

    Try again.

  5. Also my previously posted Razorwing + Zenistar bug has been partially but not completely fixed.  Zenistar disk does keep its damage types from mods, but does not get damage, attack speed, or range mods while in Razorwing.  Just figured I'd mention it here and consolidate my Titania notes.

    The Zenistar also emphasizes Lantern's problem, as in my testing my lantern in the disks range immediately goes flying, and out of the disk's range, still got thrown into the stratosphere by another enemy corpse falling and just barely touching it.  It had a surprising amount of force behind it too, flying further than if the disk just hit it.  Weirdness all around!  Anyway, please make Lantern stay in one place and just not move at all?  (Or follow Titania with her augment, because that'd be fun.)  Lantern's fixes are just a band aid on this problem, one that at best needlessly burns energy to replace the lantern (at least you made that easier by having the "oldest one replaced" idea, but depending on which one goes flying still drains a lot of energy just to make the ability partially do what it should), and at worst straight up just gets you killed.  Her one doesn't suffer from this because the enemies are crowd controlled no matter where they fly off to, but Lantern's crowd control zone requires it to not move...but it can.  And almost never in a way the player actually wants, rather just "oh, you touched me, I'm going to fly way off over here really quickly and be useless now bye!"  I like the floaty aesthetic, but can you have the enemy target instead of just being invulnerable (but still being physically there), have everything go right through it (except the Diwata so if you wanted to actually re-position it still you could).  I don't think I can emphasize enough that Lantern NEEDS to stay put to work, and right now it just way too easily does not.  One melee hit from a heavy blade, polearm, or other long range melee is enough to send it off into the distance.  One tick from the zenistar disk is enough.  One Dex Pixia shot is enough.  That thing needs to be FAR more resistant to being moved, or better yet just immovable period.

    I love Titania so please please fix this!  Your changes so far are appreciated but without Lantern doing its thing properly all her "rework" is is a bunch of glorified quality of life updates.  And I would hate for this ability to not get the same quality of life love (on top of the really neat idea of having four of them) and then you move on and never touch Titania again.  She's considered one of the worst warframes not because she isn't strong (Razorwing does a #*!%load of damage) but because this ability of hers is WILDLY inconsistent.  She's squishy but can't reliably use her ability to lock down the battlefield, which is a recipe for a dead Warframe.  So in short, thank you, but I'm going to keep complaining a bit because if you don't address it here historically it'll be a VERY long time before it ever gets addressed.  This is my one opportunity to help fix the problems of my favorite Warframe.

  6. After some quick testing I appreciate almost all of the Titania changes (Not having to stack copies of the buffs for rarer mobs for entangle is nice), particularly the energy buff.  (OMG SO MUCH ENERGY!!!!) But, Lantern still is kind of wonky.

    So, I really like the change where it returns to its original location, however there's about a five second delay before this kicks in.  This will, depending on your range, still temporarily shut down Lantern's crowd control, making melee-ing lantern enemies, which is the point of that ability's augment, still really incredibly unreliable as it's super easy to send your lantern flying into the stratosphere with melee.  Even if it comes back after about five seconds, those five seconds are enough for the lantern to leave the range of surrounding enemies, them to wake up, and kill you.  And more problematically, the momentum of moving back to its original location will end up pushing the Lantern past its location, resulting in this weird back and forth pendulum motion that takes a LONG time before it stops moving entirely.  If the delay before it starts returning were reduced this would cut back on both problems.  The Lantern buff was sort of the hallmark of Titania's "rework" as if that ability doesn't have its consistency issues fixed, all you've given us are a bunch of very much appreciated but otherwise small quality of life improvements that don't really shake up how Titania is played at all.  The Lantern changes are cool, but it needs to not get thrown into the stratosphere by simply touching the thing, even if it comes back in a bit.  The Lantern needs just stay put (Or follow Titania around, adding that to her Lantern augment would be really cool and fit thematically with the melee playstyle that mod encourages, just saying!)

    As always thanks for the update!  I definitely appreciate the buff to my favorite Warframe, which has been a LONG time coming.  Just a little more and she'll not just be a faerie with only one trick.

  7. Quick bug report this time.  When throwing out the Zenistar disk as Titania and then hopping into Razorwing, the disk looses all of its mods.  It will loose all range, deal base damage, and not have elemental combos put on the weapon and just do fire damage.  This is not an exalted weapon bug, as I checked with Mesa, Excal Umbra, and Valkyr, and this bug is not present on them as the Zenistar will still deal full damage, damage types, and range, matching the mods equipped.

    As a theory, I tested changing the mods on the Diawata to see if the Zenistar was just using it's mods, but adding/changing the mods on the Diawata did not affect the Zenistar disk, so it's not because she has two exalted weapons, per say.  So I'm guessing because Titania is entering Archwing mode it's turning off the mods of the Zenistar for some reason.


    To start on positives, I like the ideas of your changes.  I like that the 2 we don't have to cast more than her actual energy pool to get the buffs, I like Lantern moving around less and having more of them is just a pleasantly surprisingly bonus.  With multiple lanterns, assuming they have a decent range with at a balanced build (positive if not the highest stats in range, strength duration and efficiency), would actually allow for a beguiling lantern build to actually work!  Buffing melee damage for the whole team and creating a unique build and play style?  Yes please!  This makes me actually excited to try out my favorite Warframe again and not just do the traditional Razorwing build!  And speaking of: vacuum in Razorwing?  YESSSSSSSSSSSS PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

    However, I just don't think the changes are quite there yet.  The actual buffs her 2 provides are 3/4 of the time still just not worth it, and if lantern is allowed to move around even a tiny bit, and it goes somewhere useless you'll have to manually reset all 4 of your lanterns, or simply go without 1/4 of your ability's effectiveness.  And this issue is compounded by her lackluster energy pool, but we'll get to that.

    Now...the 2.  Assuming of course these stats were actually any good in Warframe, the accuracy debuff and damage reflection debuff are in direct opposition to each other.  If you are making the enemies less accurate, you are reflecting less damage.  But the damage reflection itself, even if it did decent damage through both your and the enemy's damage reduction, simply cannot be supported by Titania's fragility.  On top of this, the most dangerous enemy to Titania, Bombards of all varieties, straight up ignore accuracy debuffs as the rockets will track you in circles for days.  In short, the accuracy debuff is meh but I guess on theme, but the damage reflection is flat out useless, please replace with something more useful.  The companions buff now buffing the razor butterfly damage is okay, probably won't mean much in the long run, but at least the design of this ability now affects something in Razorwing, which Titania should be spending most of her time.  All in all, I will still probably never cast her 2 on anything that doesn't give the slow aura buff unless I'm stacking Razorwing Blitz, and her 1 is better at that anyway because it's cheaper and doesn't need an enemy target.  My suggestion: everything except the slow aura scrap and replace, or you simply just scrap them, and have the slow aura be better and larger and maybe drop from any enemy only a percentage of the time based on power strength?  I don't know, just an idea.

    Closing notes: please give Titania the same treatment as Mag and buff her energy pool.  Even without using your 2 at all, between repeatedly casting 1 and 3, the latter now 4 times as often, and the drain on her 4, Titania is a caster style Warframe with a really really low energy.  Especially since her best augment, Razorwing Blitz, encourages spamming her abilities to keep that buff rolling, this is really problematic.  My build currently always runs a rank 4 fleeting, a rank 4 streamline, and a primed flow to compensate for this problem.  And a better energy pool would free up one of these mod slots for something more interesting, and as stated before, I would love Beguiling Lantern to become its own build rather than every Titania running Razorwing builds because it's the only worthwhile and consistent ability.

  9. So while playing my typical zephyr build today I started getting annoyed that the arca plasmor wasn't turning all the little tornadoes into corrosive damage like normal.  In mission I noticed instead of going through enemies (and tornadoes) a set distance as usual the arca plasmor would just stop at the first tornado it encountered.  So at first I thought the plasmor was nerfed on the side again.

    But then I took this into captura to see what exactly was going on, and it's...odd.


    The shots aren't just stopping on the tornado, but bouncing off the tornado and going in random directions, usually up!


    I'm not sure if this is intentional or not but this is just kind of weird, so figured I'd draw attention to it.  I tried it with Jet Stream on and off, same results so it's not the projectile speed causing it.  I can only guess it's something about the tornadoes that somehow redirect the plasmor shots?  Anyone have other ideas?

  10. For some reason the rapier melee weapons have all been adopting what I believe is the longsword finisher moves in lieu of their unique ones.  I unfortunately do not have any footage as I lack recording software, but when trying in the simulacrum the rapier will use the longsword finishers every time now.  Machetes also use the longsword finishers at the moment, however I admittedly do not know if they shared finishers beforehand.

  11. So I know dual wielding is coming with melee 3.0.  But I'm kind of curious what weapons will be able to do this.  As stated previously, one handed melee weapons will get this treatment, but tonight I thought of a weird corner case: Nikanas.  Two of the stances of the nikana are technically one handed, Tranquil Cleave and Blind Justice, while Decisive Judgment is two handed.  How would this work?  Would a Nikana with Decisive Judgment just not get to hold a pistol like the other two stances?  Would Nikanas just not be included in dual wielding at all?

  12. The Titania changes while welcome are addressing her one currently functionally useful ability.  This is why I've speculated that Titania has been unaddressed for so long: her Razorwing is not only a functional but good dps ability.  On the other hand, the rest of her kit is...basically useless.  Her other three abilities are the ones that need the love more.  Her 1 and 3 still send targets flying into the stratosphere and her 2 is way too much energy investment for the payoff.  If willing, here are some small changes to the other abilities that would go a long way to improving her viability.

    Spellbind: Tether targets to a set distance from the ground.  The whimsical floating is okay, the problem is it does something similar to Zephyr's old Tornadoes and we end up with targets all the way up on the ceiling.  This is probably her most functional ability of the lot as even though it sometimes throws targets all over the place it at least guaranteed keeps those targets from shooting you, as opposed to the 3, but we'll get to it later

    Tribute: Please make this a small AOE like limbo's banish.  Having to select individual targets with an ability that has a long cast time and doesn't outright kill them is just tedious.  On top of that, the energy upkeep for keeping the maxed buffs is insane even with max efficiency because you have to cast 4 times on individual targets to get the full buff, do this for every buff that is worth it, and then refresh individually for every buff you want to keep.  Making this an AOE would result in less casts and more buffs, and generally better gameplay.  We could cast this once on a crowd, collect the five or so buffs we get, move on to the next crowd.  And lowering the cast time on this would also be welcome addition to this in addition to the aforementioned change.

    Lantern: Similar as spellbind, but the whimsical floating is really not okay.  This is supposed to be an AOE based crowd control skill that we can move around, which I like in concept but in practice does the same as her one.  But in this case it's even worse.  Spellbind at least snags all those enemies and says "no you cannot shoot me".  This ability effectively only takes one enemy away from the crowd shooting you as a stray bullet will send it flying off up to the ceiling.  And the ability does no good on the ceiling as the enemies on the ground are now out of range of the ability and free to shoot you.  This ability needs to stay at ground level, or close to it, to be effective, which is why I suggest tethering it to the ground.  If you still wanted to keep the mobility, I recommend replacing the "shoot it to move it" with a mechanic similar to Chroma's Effigy augment, where holding the ability cast button while targeting the ground will relocate the lantern.  And simply pressing the ability will manually detonate it early as before.

    Razorwing:  I cannot stress enough that I approve of the buffs that this ability is receiving, and the exalted weapon changes in general.  It's a good idea: and removing the "statstick" idea we currently have allowing us to carry whatever weapons and builds we want with our exalted weapon warframes.  I am glad Titania is getting a little love, but I really feel it isn't enough, and is only happening because of the exalted weapon rework as a whole.  Titania is an anomaly to me as she was released sandwiched between two fantastically designed warframes in Inaros and Nidus, and her design is while thematic just not really functional outside of this one ability, which is propping up her entire play-ability.  I love Titania's theme and the idea of her design, and she still to this day remains my most played warframe.

    To wrap up, yes I understand that this rework is mostly because of the exalted weapon rework.  And I am not at all complaining that her Razorwing is getting a buff.  But that said, I have to take the opportunity to ask for what I consider a reasonable Titania rework whenever they pop up.  She doesn't have the popularity of other warframes and those that do love her need to make some noise!

  13. So far all the changes in here look like steps in the right direction.  I only have a few concerns.

    1: Ember's changes for the most part don't do anything to her besides take away from her one role at the moment.  While the same thing was done to Banshee, she at least has another role in her sonar buff, and also was given a gift in return in the form of a new augment for her 4.  I like the premise of what you want to do to Ember, but she is basically getting very little in return for her loss of "murder all level 30s".  She wants a bone...throw her a bone.

    2: While I understand it's impossible to tweak all the not-so-great warframes, one of the really lackluster ones was completely unaddressed: Titania.  Aside from her 4, which is fantastic, the rest of her kit is wonky at best, which is I'm guessing why she's been overlooked for this.  And considering the warframes released before (Inaros) and after (Nidus) and since (Octavia, Harrow, Gara, who incidentally did get looked at here) she stands out as this odd neglected child.  Her 2 is an insane energy investment for what little it does and her 3 has a habit of flying into the stratosphere, therefore losing all CC.  Her 1 is okay, although has the same problem as her 3.  But at least we're not relying on those enemies staying put to CC other enemies.  My recommendations are make her 2 a small AOE instead of a single target.  Spending a moderate-large amount of energy on mediocre buffs you have to collect one at a time is tedious.  Getting a bunch of buffs for one cast feels much better.  Her 3 I'd like to see tethered to the ground or nearby objects or really anything to it has some level of consistency.  Side note for this, having her augment change the tether from the ground to following her around would make sense with the melee buff it gives and make the augment more interesting and useful than a simple passive melee damage buff.

  14. The bounty system, while there has been some complaining about I generally find relatively enjoyable to play.  However there is one part about it that seriously irks me: the drop tables.  The bounty drop tables are quite fair and balanced at a glance with the common mindset of the game.  However they have a slight problem: they have a cooldown.  Unlike nearly everything else in the game, we cannot spam these for the rewards.  The new stances, for example, are worth ridiculous amounts of money on the secondary market because the bounties take two hours nearly to reset!  So between now and launch you've only have about 30 maximum runs of an individual bounty if you are trying to get a specific reward from a bounty.  And on top of that the bounties rotate and don't even always have the same reward pools!

    I understand that the bounties have a cooldown so we can't spam standing with the Ostrons.  To keep this in mind I propose two potential fixes: First option is to have the cooldown for the bounties only refer to the acquisition of standing.  That would make getting the new mods and lenses and other goodies significantly less luck based and be a matter of time mostly, as is nearly everything in the game.  Second option is simply to improve the drop tables.  If you want these rewards to be significant and meaningfully tied to this cool down, please clean up the extraneous items from the drop tables.  Credit caches, resources, and Ayatan stars are acquirable in a multitude of places simply by playing the game and are just a "feels bad" drop at nearly any point in the game.  Simply put, if a "reward" can be acquired literally anywhere, it lacks meaning.  If you want to keep the timer on getting all rewards, relics are also fall into this category, but if the rewards become spam-able relics make for great "filler" drops that old and new players alike will still appreciate, plus if you do both of these suggestions and fill out the drop tables with relics the plains missions might just become premier relic farming locations as well as the only place to get the new stance and set bonus mods and Eidolon lenses.

    I do not have any complaints with how the missions themselves play out.  I love the usually fast paced nature of enemies being dropped off in swarms to try and overwhelm you as well as moving quickly from objective to objective.  Unfortunately though, no matter how good the missions are designed, no one will do them unless the rewards are worth committing your time to, as was proven by the old void (While an inferior system to the void we have now, it proves the point of "We will spend exorbitant amounts of time farming literally anything to get what we want.").  Even in that system with its low drop rates and the silly amount of time people put into it, staying in a single mission for multiple hours, there was never any "down time".  We were either in the void, or farming keys, same as now: we are either farming relics or in fissure missions if we want something.  So having a cooldown on these rewards says their supposed to be rarer than our prime warframes and weapons?  This seems a little backwards to me.  To compare to the other mission type with a cooldown: while the sorties do feature this cooldown mechanic, the rewards there are geared towards veteran players and not things that just make our gear usable, but rather enhance the gear we already have and can use in level 80+ missions.  I understand you are still working on the economy of Cetus, and this post is meant to help in steering towards that end goal.  To that end, I ask you: let us farm the bounty rewards.


  15. Titania's razorwing recently has developed a number of visual bugs that can all be summarized with "stuff doesn't shrink with her".

    Every Syandana I can test (all the ones I own) that has a trailing component (this excludes smaller Syandanas like the Red Veil and New Loka Syndicate Syandanas as examples.  From what I can tell these behave normally.) while in most cases does shrink horizontally at the point of attaching to Titania's back, it rapidly grows back to normal size further down the Syandana, remaining roughly the same length as with full size Titania (Tested this by standing in place and going into Razorwing with the Repala Syandana, which touched the ground at that same elevation without moving as it would on the full size model.).  This visual bug is most visible with the Repala Syandana as it's the largest cape style Syandana I have, but exists with other non-Tennogen capes as well.  To clarify this Bug exists on EVERY Syandana with any kind of movable/loose physical component: Capes/Banners/Scarves like the Repala and Sami, Vanquished Banner, and Tepelo, and even includes the flame trails of the Pyra and Pyra Prime Syandana.  The Arcturus Syandana is the least affected, and just features minor warping and lack of physical movement on the energy component of the wings.





    Second instance is on Titania's actual model.  The harness components that trail over her knees and hang loosely down to her ankles are now disfigured spirals that again are far too large for the Razorwing Titania Model.  This same spiraling distortion of normally relatively flat components can also be found on the Sari Tennogen Syandana.  (Clarification, all visual bugs are while in Razorwing.  Everything acts/looks normal when in normal mode.)





    This bug exists on both the Solstice and Normal versions of Titania's model, as well as both in Captura and in regular missions.  Now this bug must have happened relatively recently as I have Captura screenshots from when Captura was first released that do not feature these problems.  I do not know if these bugs exists on other platforms besides PC as I cannot test it there.  And yes, the puns in the title are completely intentional.

  16. I am alright with frames having an insane grind to get to them (mesa, equinox, to name a few).  However, none of those frames were hiding plot points behind them.  In this case, what's behind the infested door you've been teasing us with for months.  Nidus requires you to do a long mission type repeatedly for just a chance at getting him.  And unlike Ivara, which you also have to spam non-assassination missions to get, you cannot control what parts you get.  I've done roughly 20 of these missions, and I did get two nidus parts, however they were two copies of the systems.  Aside from the fact that due to RNG the mission in question can be incredibly frustrating, to the point where sometimes a squad of 3 nekros and an ember all running wave clear weapons won't get enough batteries to keep the consoles alive, and on other missions you're absolutely overflowing in batteries.

    I suggest a few fixes for this.  

    First suggestion: Do something about the batteries.  Quitting out of a mission just because RNG didn't give us enough batteries is incredibly off putting.  Normalizing the drop rate would help, so we don't get the feast/famine scenarios.  Or create something like the Lotus's life support capsules to compensate for when RNG decides to stick it to us.  Even something like ciphers (craftable with the Antiserum Injector Fragments we pick up that is normally just for the Jordas Verdict) would be an amazing solution and would give extra purpose to those now useless resources.  If you only listened to one of my comments, I'd go with this one.

    Second suggestion: Develop some way to control which part you're going for.  Duplicate the node on other infested planets or something, and each one only drops that one part. This would probably require a lot more work on DE's part than simply adjusting drop rates, so this is probably just more of a pipe dream solution.  

    Third suggestion: Remove everything else from rotation c.  Seriously we're not doing this mission for anything other than Nidus.  Metal Augur and Vital sense have plenty of other methods of acquisition.  And the mission is long enough as is that going for 4 waves just to get a mod we already have dozens of is a really big feel bad moment.  Having duplicates of the parts already creates a decent variance in the assassination missions, same principle can be applied here.  But as the part isn't guaranteed, getting duplicate parts is almost worse than nothing.  An alternative would be to make his parts tradable like Nezha's once were.

    Fourth Suggestion: Put the different parts on rotation B as well.  At least that way we have 2 shots at getting the parts instead of just one for our time investment.

    Last suggestion: Simply let us open the door upon completing the quest.  I haven't personally looked online as to what's behind the door (I don't like spoiling things for myself), but having this barrier to just open a door we've all been speculating on for months is incredibly frustrating.  If people want the warframe to have the warfame, then they can go through the grind to acquire him as would someone wishing to get Mesa, Equinox, or Ivara.  But for those of us that just want to see what's behind the door...just open the door.

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