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  1. Yeah the farm isnt hard, it's just tedious and not fun. At the rate that I'm doing them it can take to at least 3 to 5 hours for a lich that is just wasting my time as of late. All i want is a karak and a quartakk, I already have the other weapoms I want.. At the last time i got a karak was 30 liches ago (I would say that was around 7 or 8 days after the Old Blood, granted I didnt want it at the time but still. Plus i just started farming for it last week) From then untill now I have yet to get another karak. As for the quartakk that last lich to give me that was 20 liches ago. (Around the beginning of last week). For me I just dont think it should take you 20-30 liches just to get a gun (even an ephemera) it just doesnt feel worth it to just waste hours on end with nothing to show for it. Side note: I've beaten 50 liches in total.
  2. So i went to exit a grineer crewship and this happened to me. https://imgur.com/J6Vhe2d I am now basically stuck in the endless void.
  3. I just dont find Revenant to be that fun. We all can agree that his 1 is useless (except when you use it on bosses with his 3 to deal quite a bit of damage). His 2 and 3 are a little slow and alright but I think they could be better. And his 4 does deal great damage and the element adaptability is great. But overall if your were to compare him to the more recent frames like Gauss and Grendel he is nothing compared to them and the only use that I have seen from him recently is only against Liches. I just find it a little sad that he is just used for that. I just hope when he get his rework (years from now) it brings him in a better place than where he is.
  4. Will we get a look at the stat changes for melee weapons? Or are they not final?
  5. I put a lot of effort into this. And it was worth it. Day 24: Treasure I wanted to do more for Inktober but i was a little late and lazy but i still plan to draw some of the things on the list and probably put them on my Instagram. Any way hope you like it.
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