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  1. version 2020. update 29.5.9 Xaku is Level 30 Current Mission - Gift of the Lotus What did my weaponless sentinel do!?
  2. I got it to occur... 1) hit 4 to start Vast Untime 2) hit 2 to start Grasp of Lohk I had zero guns and did it in that order and it happened. It doesn't seem to happen when you go 2 > 4.
  3. I get this too on build 2020. The timer on the power indicators had disappeared but the phantom guns would not go away and you can't recast until they go away. I wouldn't mind if they kept shooting but they did nothing. Getting knocked down and reviving fixes it because that forcibly cancels all powers.
  4. Mission : Fissure Excavation I came across this because my stupid team thought they were clever... they timed it so when the excavator finished everybody would be forced to evac. Both the Relic Reward and the Summary screens showed up simultaneously and nobody was able to select a reward.
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