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  1. When doing Railjack missions, there are times when it seems that the targeting UI gets shifted substantially lower. You are able to aim but vertically up only goes 10 degrees and you can aim at the floor all the way behind you. Veil Proxima, R-9 Cloud was the most recent mission I saw this on. It happens when you are in your frame then get onto the Missile Platform/Sentient Platform, then is carried with you when you get back to your ship. If you get into a turret then it has the possibility to reset the UI.
  2. Please place a mechanism to allow players to leave a group after the mission is complete and still keep their share of the rewards. Currently, the ship has to go back to drydock and there are times when the rest of the group doesn't want to return yet... there's obviously no rewards if you abandon the group.
  3. TYPE: In-Game, Visual Glitch DESCRIPTION: Doing a Kuva Capture on Skyresh, Phobos then got a black box that you cannot see past VISUAL: Looking at the siphon Looking away from the siphon on my right Video on another run... 1) beginning of video 2) 1:25 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gb40zf2q84fl4zb/Warframe Kuva Glitch.mp4?dl=0 REPRODUCTION: I went to grab the cloud and was greeted with a black box while looking back at the siphon EXPECTED RESULT: I don't know OBSERVED RESULT: The box might appear REPRODUCTION RATE: I have gotten this before random
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