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  1. Currently, the dojo system is both confusing and unnecessary in many regards. Between certain rooms requiring dependencies, children modules hindering rebuilding, and a plethora of hidden and unexplained mechanics makes it a tiring affair for a single player or a group. With the upcoming Empyrean update and the addition of the drydock, it would be fruitful for many clans to be given the proper tools to build their dojos for the future to come for as it stands, the system is rigid and demands much time and resources. Firstly, I want to address the matter regarding room dependencies. The oracle room is a necessity for all other labs to be built but what is its purpose once all labs are built? It ends up wasting space and not to mention unremovable as the dependency forces it to remain for the labs to remain. A similar case follows with clan halls. Halls themselves already serve no real purpose asides to serve as a spawn point or passage way but why is it forced that we keep smaller halls in order to retain bigger halls? This leaves many redundant areas of long hallways. While it is possible to split them up, it causes the next issue: child module dependency. The way the dojo system is currently setup, a room is ONLY attached to the room it was originally built from. As such, it matters not if the room had 6 connected entrances, it can only be dismantled from the original port from which it was made. This means that any remodeling or rebuilding effort would take a considerable amount of effort as rooms has to be individual deconstructed to its base. Combined with the fact that room dependency also exist and the energy capacity limits makes it difficult for any dojo improvement or restructuring. There are also several unmentioned mechanics that players would have to wrestle with. For one, there is a limit to the amount of rooms that can be built: 100. While that may sound like much to some, especially for when the dojo was first released, nowadays that cap can be easily reached for any clan with the resources. Another hurdle comes with some rooms having a bigger vertical footprint. The obstacle courses and the observatory stretch further than their map blueprints suggest and can causes unbuildable overlaps in some sections. The new drydock is more than likely to have a bigger vertical footprint as well, requiring much space horizontally and vertical for it to be built. The current dojo system is a tedious affair for any who has to wrangle with it. Even while using 3rd party planner applications, it is a long a tiresome process to build and even more tiresome to rebuild. All the limiters imposed on the system makes it difficult to improve the dojo outside decorations. Removing these matters would make building dojos a much more enjoyable affair. A even better solution would be implement a blueprint building system where the whole dojo can be built and rebuilt as a whole instead of individual blocks. This will promote much more freedom and creativity and allow easier update expansions if new rooms are added.
  2. As great as this update was, there is one glaring issue that is glanced over: focus lens. More specifically, why is a new one being introduced so late? It invalidates much of the progress done in lens creation as you cannot remove lens from existing items. That means anyone with a Greater or Eidolon lens equipped on their items would have to waste a massive amount of time regrinding them before they have to grind even more to get the Lua lens or otherwise spend a deal of platinum to regain the time lost wasted due to being unable to remove lenses from items. Please make lenses removable from items. The current system feels clunky and more likely than not confusing for new players while simultaneously hampering old players.
  3. Hopefully the next iteration will reduce arbitration reward cycle length as noted by so many players.
  4. There's already a long list of people saying this but I'll just reiterate: please do away with the 10 minute rotations. The increased challenge is appreciated but the long, dragged out nature of the mode is not. It's makes the grind unnecessarily tedious and frankly not worth the trouble even for some minmax players.
  5. Secondary energy color is easily one of the best new fashionframe assets. Though, there's still a plethora of items that still don't have them (operator, landing craft, etc) so here's to hoping DE comes around to it.
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