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  1. Will we ever get binds for emotes? And a way to make them faster to use so we can tbag with emotes on enemys corpes and then keep playing instantly with a press of w or something... Like I really want to use emotes but I'm locked when I use them and it takes so much work to do it... it's sad come on de let us have some fun
  2. We still didn't get skins on zaws, i just hope we get them in melee 3.0 one day :'(
  3. Where are the skins for zawssss :(((
  4. Please ! Now that you finally brought up the melee code again with melee 3.0 will we be getting the possibility to use skins on zaws?? Many of us are waiting for it for months... A simple thing that you said was complex and maked no sence in january please DE !
  5. Thanks for the hotfix, can we touch on the fact that in tennocon you showed the "zaw secondaries" or kitguns whatever you wanna call it to modular weapons new system, and I have a simple and important question... Did you make it so that we can't apply skins on kitguns aswell as we can't on zaws? Did you do the same mistake creating that system like the melees one where you cannot change skins? That's so sad... I'm still mad for months and I'll never give up on this topic me and other thousands of players I can bet, bought tennogen polearm skins just to come to the realisation that zaws couldn't use them (and they only bough it for zaws) Can we please get a word from you guys on a devstream talking about this? Please tell us you are going to fix it... I can't believe in that post in january saying it is almost impossible to you to do that system... you've done so many complex stuff how's changing a weapon model that difficult even counting with that all thing about the stats being stuck to the weapons mesh... I'm sure you are more then capable to fixing that situation please...
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