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  1. I just realized I had a bleeding dragon key equipped. >,>
  2. Nekros now has way too little health. You made despoil augment useless after the update. One would literally need to equip every health mod at max rank and I still doubt it would be enough. Prior to the update My Despoil Nekros build had just over 900 health. During gameplay I would watch my health while Desecrate was active. Between taking damage and desecrating enemies, my health would lose up to 400 - 500 points before getting restored by health orbs. After the update my Nekros Prime has less than 300 health. This means using despoil/desecrate can now kill me.
  3. Pretty much what I was imagining.
  4. Current Dojo elevator mechanics make designing a dojo unnecessarily difficult.
  5. I Just recently came back to WF after a hiatus. Although I understand the need, I'm tired of clan inactivity kicks, so I decided to build my own clan. The most glaring problem in dojo design I've encountered thus far is the the dojo elevators. Surely, I'm not the first to bring this to attention. In my honest opinion the current mechanics are not aesthetically pleasing, cumbersome, and counterintuitive. (Do I REALLY NEED 2 elevators and a cross/T hallway to travel between 3 floors) I would love love love if you folks reworked this feature by adding in the elevator room options UI the ability to add another floor up or down at the cost of constructing an elevator. Upon activating an elevator, one would simply select which floor they desired. Each floor could even have a custom name. I only furnished my most conservative idea here as I can get some pretty wild ideas when it comes to architectural design concepts because of my background in building trades. Before anyone jumps in with "TELEPORTER"... Imho those are just cheesy, detract from immersion, and contribute nothing to the actual physical layout of of a dojo.
  6. I was thinking about this the other day. My thoughts were too add 2 or 4 augment slots without altering mod capacities. This would give players a choice between sacrificing tank or other mods for augments, much like it is now, however players would also have the option to forma the slots to reduce or eliminate any sacrifice in their builds.
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