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  1. I wonder how Sonar and Ensnare would do if paired with the Knell pistol. Normally I can't stomach that gun, but now I am experiencing some morbid curiosity.
  2. I think a downed Kuva Larva-ling plays by the same rules as any downed or subdued capture target. If you don't capture them within a minuet or so, they die cuz.. you know.. you shot them about 3 or 76 times, depending on the level of the mission..
  3. Hmm, now that I think of it, Decoy might have more in common with Noise Arrow from Ivara's kit. Aka it is an ability where you can select a distant location, and draw attention to that spot.
  4. Nice thing about ensnare over larva, is that the enemies hold still and don't jiggle around, and they also remain upright. Makes for easier headshots.
  5. I find it best to discard such thoughts... XD
  6. Loki can be somewhat brought up to spec with the helminth system. The basic Irradiating Disarm still has decent utility, however in my next build I replaced Radial Disarm with Perspicacity, in order to create a completely spy vault running build. I am experimenting now with some power strength and Fire Walker/Pyroclastic flow to do zone control while running around invisible, and spread heat procs. This last build was created with anti-infested combat in mind.
  7. As a subsumed ability, generally speaking, most people would find more utility with Molt, however Decoy can be placed anywhere within line of sight, and used as a Swap Teleport target. So within the bounds of Loki's original kit of abilities, there is greater synergy.
  8. At least we can feed Helminth those old Nav Coordinates now, haha!
  9. Yeah I realized that it should have read Guardsman, not Lancer.. that one was about the grineer worker surviving an encounter with a sentient. Anyway, it popped into my mind after i got up and left the computer :P
  10. A lot of Orokin Tech was also Gene-Locked, aka you needed to have specific artaficially inserted Orokin Genes in order for things to activate. This is discussed in the Lancer Template thinger from Simaris, where a surviving orokin of considerable rank was held prisoner by the newly liberated grineer, who needed them to fly the ship, because it literally would not respond to anyone who was not of Orokin genetics or augmentation. Kinda like the "Ancient Gene" in Stargate Atlantis, being needed to operate Atlantean Tech. Anyway, with most of the population that was Orokin-Enough to oper
  11. I'd also like an improved system where we could select which fish end up where in the tank. Ive spent a lot of time fiddling about trying to get a certain fish more visible, and another to lurk in the corner or something like that..
  12. hmm.. last I checked they died of a severe Skana overdose.. <3
  13. Dear DE. You have made many lovely space-fish, too many in fact to display in one tank let alone two (if we chose a vignette setting). So how about you add an add/remove fish feature to the room customization kiosk for the helminth chamber, where we can rename our helminth? I would very much like to be able to fill that tank with golden space duccs <3 Give the thread some love if you feel like this would be a good way to maximize on the aquarium space that is already in game, but simply not accessible. And sure.. lets make this a megathread.. why not. Cheers!
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