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  1. I tried it out on my Mag as well. The amount of focus still doesn't add up to what is shown every round in the UI when the 45 second timer expires.
  2. Has there been changes to focus generation that makes it so that for every 5 points of focus you gain during your 45 second window, you only get to keep 1 of them? Heres the scenario: ESO, Ember Prime, 4 Greater/Eidolon Zenuriuk lenses, earning between 10 and 20k focus per round (according to the UI). I go 4 rounds and I should have about 60 to 80 k focus, however as my reward at the end of the mission, I am only getting rewarded 16 to 20 k focus. And this is reflected in my total focus points bank, I added up the numbers before and after, and I am indeed only keeping 1/4 to 1/5th
  3. Warframe.. Worf Frame... Say them fast enough and they both sound rather the same <3 Yes. This is how my mind works, all the time.
  4. Exactly, that and my Liches are well.. frankly.. Looney as the Tunes.. So I would rather have Umbra behind the sticks of my Railjack, haha.
  5. Thanks so much, maybe if we are super super lucky a DE will feel their ears burning, and peek in to see this idea, haha!
  6. My idea is pretty simple, and it would be mostly for enjoyment of the orbiter space, and the Railjack interior cell too. It has been established that Excal Umbra is an autonomous individual, not just a frame, like those we build on our molecular 3D Printers. So how about enable a feature in the Orbiter Menu that would let Umbra walk about our ship (wearing whatever fashion loadout is in slot A), similar to how our pets do and kind of interact with the space, stand by consoles etc. Also, I would gladly add Umbra to my RJ crew along side my liches if I were able. DE is notorious f
  7. Still, applying an if/or to the algorithm depending on if the amount is a positive or negative percent, and if negative, apply an extra equation to govern the spiraling debuff would just make sense and be prudent. Such as a.. take the final result, and multiply by 0.75. That would bring the reload from 3.6 seconds to 2.7, which is a bit easier to deal with. Oh well.
  8. Well I am questioning my own sanity on this one I'll admit, because this riven is also pushing my Prisma Grakatta up to about a 9.5X crit multiplier (as well as some other stats), so I may keep it.
  9. Okay, I certainly understand the raw mathematics of it now, but then that begs the question of.. why do the allow it to be that way? It comes off more like disregard for fair implementation, and a neglect to balance. As we know there are dual stat mods that have negative buffs to reload, and they are avoided in any sane building strategy to the same degree that a person wishing to have children, would tend to avoid a Radium belt buckle and pants zipper. Pardon my hyperbole there, but it seems they need to add a "and divide that by two" to the end of a negative reload stat equation
  10. Help me understand things a little bit here. My Primed Fast Hands is at 10 points of drain, and does a +45% to reload speed. This bumps a stock 2.0 reload to 1.4 seconds I also have a riven that has a negative of -44.6% to reload speed as a penalty. However this pushes my 2.0 reload to 3.6 seconds. Basically exactly inverse amounts of reload buff/debuff, but such a different effect. Can anyone explain the double standard on math here? Why does DE have it that a negative such as a weee bit of negative reload, gets to be so crippling whereas other negative stats tend to read exactly li
  11. Yeah, Non-Prime Mesa had a different lower arm structure, very mechanical in nature, through and through. Ammo or energy is fed through her arms, her index finger is hollow like a barrel, and her thumb is heavily mechanized in order to serve as an indexing and hammer function, ala a traditional revolver somewhat. Although the Regulator is not a revolver. Anyway, imagine you've got some spring loaded cardboard tubes to fit over your finger when you make pew pew finger guns, then wiggle your thumbs really really fast. That.. is how Mesa do.
  12. Easter is a good ways off. Maybe someone could hammer out a rabbit suit/hoodie for my operator by then! XD (No, I don't mean just slap on the warframe bunny ears, forshame) Fun fact, around where I live, hoodies are referred to as "Bunnyhugs".
  13. a bit boring but at least it is simple to activate. *tenno-shrug*
  14. Yes I read the wiki, it just didnt seem to have the Arcane's "reaction time" listed. I know Arcanes generally activate immediately, but the fact that other mods tied to wall latch have a latch time requirement made me want to double check. I already have Avenger, Guardian etc etc. I may look at something else then.
  15. I thought this arcane might be neat to use, and encourage me to try and make use of wall latch a little bit more, however, I am having a tough time finding reliable info on it in some regards, as it seems to be a bit of a rare beast. I know some wall-latch mods etc require you to be latched to the wall for X# of seconds before they activate their buff/set buff, but I do not know if this is the case for Arcane Arachne. The wiki doesn't say one way or another if it is instantaneous or if there is a time requirement. Is there anyone who has experience with this arcane that can tell me one way or
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