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  1. Ember rework is basically a nerf. What looks like a tanky buff actually just a nerf with extra fancy steps. She's too energy hungry without any real payoff with the amount energy she eat every second unless you have zenurik or large energy pizza I personally still prefer if she's a dedicated glass cannon. I'm sure with heat proc changes, her Accelerant will be more deadly and better utilized than being this half hearted tank. my suggestion: 1. should remove fireball, because let's be honest, nobody with armor will die after level 30 with fireball. But if you have to keep it because "what kind of fire master can't throw fireball?" logic, let's make the fire carpet last much longer and fire DoT additive and could spread to nearby enemies until the fire or enemy dies. 2. I personally want to throw Immolation away, but I can see why it's there. At least make the DR NOT rising too fast with only 1 fireball shot. Make it steadily rising over time. 3. swap Fire Blast with Accelerant that can lower the overheat gauge. That way, you can add extra damage and keep her tanky. 4. Inferno is a joke. It doesn't counted as heat proc, so the passive skill is doing nothing. I prefer WoF.
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