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  1. Case in point, this is what I've been using for probably at least a year now: Vetala shoulders are HUGE and block your vision, but you're still allowed to use them on both shoulders.
  2. Your visibility gets partially blocked regardless, especially with a big shouldered frame like Rhino. But I'd at least like the option ya know? Or give us the ability to choose which shoulder it goes on. I'm willing to deal with it to look cool lmao
  3. When I saw that infested shoulder piece I knew I wanted it for my Rhino. The reason was simple. I wanted to put the Grineer head shoulder "Provvok Shoulder Guard" on one arm and the infested head "Protosomid Shoulder Guard" on the other. I was dismayed when I finally unlocked it and found out they were both for the same shoulder. Observe: It's really a huge missed opportunity that you can't wear both. I understand if you only want us to be able to use one at a time but at least give us the option to pick which side to put it on. DE PLS
  4. So hey I just got Nitro, how do I get this? Seriously, nothing but an affinity booster? Can we at least get the color pallet?
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