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    Xbox live

    This happened to me a few months ago, then seemed to sort itself out, and now it's back to playing up again 😞 Don't understand what is wrong with it, no issues with any other games, even when I load up a mission solo it kicks me.
  2. (XB1)Melissa K94

    Connection lost returning to main menu

    I have this issue as well, it's frustrating me now! DE doesn't seem to have acknowledged this issue, I have tried everything to get this to work my end, doesn't happen on any other game, connection is fine, but warframe tells me otherwise! And DE staying quiet doesn't really help solve the issue! 😞
  3. (XB1)Melissa K94

    Fix these network issues NOW

    I am also having this issue, posted in the misson bug section but probably should have posted here! Kicks me after every mission, 2 minutes in 'Connection to xbox live has been lost' but my connection is fine and I have no problems at all with any other games, struggling to find a way round this!
  4. (XB1)Melissa K94

    Connection to Xbox Live has been lost

    Every single mission I go into, after 1/2 minutes I get kicked back to my ship with the error 'your connection to xbox live has been lost', it's frustrating me so much as the game is impossible for me to play! It's been fine for a couple of months but now the problem is back again! I sent in a support ticket when I first had the issue a few months ago, and was told to try all the usual steps, reset my router, check my dns settings, clear local saved data, uninstall/reinstall etc etc.. my internet connection is fine, this doesn't happen to me on any other game, only Warframe, only became a problem this year. I have 4700+ hours on this game, and it's now impossible for me to play, I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this issue or has has this issue in the past and if they could give me some solutions?!