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  1. You don't care about others either, the current system make me spend less forma for an optimum build and have mod points left over saving forma and time( the real value). But you don't care about that other than you need(want) to spend more forma to Get MR which we are eventually gonna get to. I stopped caring at MR 5 and I am MR 23 going to be 24 , time you guys stop to. I hope DE doesn't listen to you guys at all.
  2. You mean you and players like you have an obsession that you want to reach max MR even when its not required for any activity or weapon and are gonna just fall back with 'oh but I get two extra Mod slots' excuse . Doesn't sound like a DE problem mate.
  3. Actually it reduces the amount of Forma you want to use on the weapon. What would usually take 4 to 5 forma to reach optimum level takes 2 to 3 because you get extra Mod points. If you have an OCD to reach 40 lvl, that's a 'you' problem
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