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  1. I got 3 drops but then stopped receiving them :/ any idea?
  2. Clan name: Worriers of light Clan tier: Shadow Clan Clan platform: Ps4 Clan role: Warlord with architect permissions I (AlonsoConejo) made all the architecture and designs showcase in the video, Founding Warlord Tyrese777r helped with resources in some of the parts. There is no main theme in the dojo creations, i created two statues for the grand hall, a four armed woman with a creature mask (buda style), and a elder man with his face and arms coming out of the wall, i liked how they end up looking after finish then, in the down floor there is some decorations to differentiate each lab from each other (tenno lab with tenno stuff, grenier with grenier stuff etc.) so it hopefully makes it easy for new players to find the right lab. In the grandest hall i set a scene of two creatures fighting, a rock type golem with a minotaur theme, and a skelleton samurai-sh holding a sword and a shield, i tryed to imply movement, making them look alive and ready to fight. The next room is Painmon, The Guardian, a dog type creature made of oroking bones (a lot of them, please reduse the cost of the pollymer budle needed DE lol) he ended up looking prettry good, also the scenery is Lua style. The last room is a deer-reindeer in a snowy forest, i liked a lot how the illumination ended up looking. And thats it, hope you enjoy the looks.
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