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  1. Happy Patch Day from the East Coast of the US! I'm looking forward to murdering some Sentients when I finish up with school at 3:30. Sadly, most major updates don't get pushed out until late that night, or in some extreme cases, the following day.

    Here's hoping that Megan's post turns out to be true instead of just an optimistic dev.

  2. Alright I'll get a video next time im 50 mins into a t4s.

    I didn't know people didn't understand how good corrosive procs are against high level armor.

    Armor has in theory an infinite scaling so when it reaches a certain point your guns will deal more DMG if you can continuously debuff their armor rather than buffing your own DMG.

    If you don't realize how OP armor is in this game then that's probably why you don't realize a braton prime built with 80+ status chance is much better than syngam BECAUSE IT STRIPS THEM OF THEIR LIMITLESS ARMOR

    Or you could bring 4 people with Max Corrosive Projection. That zeroes out their armor entirely. 

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