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  1. Here you go https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1249963-a-fix-for-the-stutters-postensmallening/
  2. You just gotta open file explorer and navigate to c:/programdata/nvidiacorperation/nv_cache. Idk what the cache folder is for amd graphics card users but you should be the cache folder amd has it as. If you can't see programdata it's because it's a hidden folder and you gotta make them visible in the view tab. Highlight everything in the cache folder and delete them. Skip all the ones that require admin permission. After deleting some of the cache that don't require admin permission and getting back on warframe, the stutters are gone. This has worked for me and hopefully it works for you as we
  3. Sadly none of this has fixed the performance issue we've had.
  4. This is the only game that has this problem. I got a 1050 ti, an i7 2600, 8gb of ram and the latest nvidia driver 461.40. I used to play this game at medium settings with no stutters. I play this game at directx 11 and I still get stutters in the recent updates. I tried deleting shader cache, playing the game and restarting it but it still keeps stuttering to the point of freezing every time I first load into a mission, run into a room, or even turning around. I've come to an understanding that warframe began having this problem since the ensmallening and that it happens with hard drive player
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