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  1. Test1049

    Conclave and the Dreaded Endgame discussion

    Sorry, I ment that they would award arcanes or expensive ayatans, something that most people would just sell for platinum - just like Eidolon hunts. About the bullet jump spam meta, I think that it would be a good idea for DE to rework Conclave to be operator only.
  2. Do you think that you would play Lunaro, a balanced Conclave or some form of PvP game mode if (let's say) the platinum grofit is exactly identical to other current forms of platinum farming? My idea is not for DE to give away plat, but instead give us arcanes, mods etc. to trade with other players. Is there a specific reward that would make you want to play PvP more than platinum?
  3. Thank you, this is a great tool and from someone who can't code (well): I am very thankful that you took the time to make it. But I would really appreciate if there was a way to replicate the effects of Hunters Munitions. If there already is a way to do so and I missed it, the information would help me out a load. Edit: Is there a way to adjust the level of enemies? I know most people won't go past Sortie/Arbitration levels but I do occasional endurance runs and I would love to be able to know how long my weapons will be able to hold out for.