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  1. K-Drive boards still doesn't give you mastery. At least Needlenose doesn't.
  2. DE, please fix Mesa's Shatter Shield. She is more or less useless atm, because the skill is broken. When you activate the skill, it doesn't have duration anymore and you don't get the damage reduction. When you try to activate it again, it says "skill in use" when obviously it's not.
  3. Can't start the quest because Nakak is missing the mask. Major bug.
  4. About a month. Last unvaulting was an exception that lasted 2 months, due to having 3 unvaulted frames.
  5. Yeah, this is really annoying bug and makes playing with Pyrana prime almost impossible when you play as a client. Should be fixed ASAP.
  6. DE, this need to happen. Inventories etc. without item names are really annoying to use.
  7. Yeah, the buggy lighting is annoying as heck. Should be fixed asap.
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