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  1. Im not saying shes weak at low levels ive said this multiple times its not about her damg tho her damg is to much for low levels and the mechanic of spores as her main ability doesnt work well i care about the function of her abilities not the power. High level saryn is to much work the fact i have to keep chasing spores just to keep em active is boring i dont think just adding miasma spreading them is a fix cus it leads to spam gameplay (the gameplay i see all the time and i dont use) in a functional way saryn is busted cus her skills kill themselves off in a power stand point shes at a all time high but power is not the topic of discussion or my feedback
  2. My saryn is fine i said this in a post already its just not fun anymore and requires way more work then there needs to be for 1 ability and they adapt to us with nerfs and rebalances thats what they are for thats what feedback and further changes do we dont comment to say goodjob and pats on back we comment to voice the how we feel about things its up to them if they do anything about it When i say its fine it kills anything i go against i can keep my energy up and survive i have no troubles at all playing her my setup is fine. im not ok with the play style now it isnt fun its a game i wanna have fun this saryn isnt fun
  3. All my frames have 1 loadout to how i want to play them and i can play them in any game mode cus i made them balanced. Saryn on the other hand is about as balanced as fish with a missing flipper and as i said before u havent been reading this thread cus that is what people are throwing out for builds to balance her now crappy efficiency
  4. You could say that about all cheese builds but no one does that because we are given the freedom to mod and change a ability all together The moding thing is a great argument because not every frame will need mods arcanes tenno powers just to function in a correct way alot of replies are "Adapt" "Mod differently" "Tennos and arcanes" Why can't it all be playable the way we want like other frames
  5. Newbies can't adapt they don't have the mods. Saryn now adapts to nothing shes has 1 or 2 good setups but they only function in a fun way if ur doing ESO or u want to sit in a survival till mobs can even survive the spore spread. She is not fun anywhere else like she use to be no one cares how fast she kills or how well she doesnt it besides the handful of people who like their new dps spam and call it "fun". I will take the weaker fun saryn any day over this because i had something to do other than grab a aoe weapon active lash and watch my number go up cus nothing will survive my active range of spores its boring at least nidus can use his whole kit with his stacks for cc survivability and damg his kit is way more thought out than saryn's
  6. Are you guys reading the same posts? Ive been in this thread since it started its never been about damg People want her synergy and utility at all levels like she use to. She is not a high level only frame anyone can have her even at low levels and will want to use her at low levels but now there is no point they wont have the mods to make her function correctly becuase shes now a insane damg dealer for some reason not like we have alot of those already and not like people dont already cry for those dps frames to be nerfed as well because it makes people mad when they can't kill anything and are stuck watching 1 frame at work
  7. With its bugs and its kill hungry nature it either has issues in parties or its literally the only thing killing. I want to enjoy Saryn cus shes the frame i usually always play and my first prime i farmed for cus i enjoyed it so much i never spam my build works fine just now she feels way to focued on dps while runing around to keep spores alive that is her gameplay now. sure i can not use my skills but whats the point in having a frame and not trying to use it efficiently with ur weapons
  8. Its not about the damg people complain about read the post plz I dislike it cus its not fun its not party friendly 3.0 had issues but it was active u had to hit them with toxic lash to spread at max range and spread on death had a small range. now all i see is saryn miasma spam and tenno energy regen it's boring to play its boring to watch. They messed this up ignored all our feedback and did what they want these complaints have reason behind them
  9. Not really i already tested it just becuase it says 75 energy doesnt mean i cant use efficiently to lower it and spam it all over the place she became a boring spam bot that can hide half away across the map with good enough range and you no longer need her 2 or 3 to do anything synergy is at a all time low
  10. Does anyone realize this just brings back spam 4 to win? 1. Cast spores 2. Miasma to make everything catch it 3. Profit This only works in ESO tho but i dont really care for that game mode can we just take the dps away and give back the spread on death i miss her as a debuff frame
  11. I don't understand the AFK spore play style with this past change I've had to hunt down mobs with spores just to hit them with her 3 active just to keep the spread going. is it just a max range thing i don't know about and if that's the case give spores a cap on how much range it can gain from mods instead of making death cancel the spread all together it really makes her less of a plague and forces us into managing the spores more than we already have to.
  12. The spore decay is pretty high considering the big slow down on damg ramp coming with that cap. also with spores not spreading on death if u do get that damg up there and everything dies on 1 tick spores becomes useless that is probably why the decay is so high but that makes her 1 less fun to use being the infection of the map felt good seeing all those numbers and chasing down whose infected to spread her babies. while on that subject can we get some indicator to where the infect are like seeing them on the map or through walls? keep up the good work i like most of the changes so far ive enjoyed my self more than i thought with these changes.
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