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  1. Awesome work DE! Thank you for the fixes too, that burnt mass was wierd. I had a bug happen to me two or three times now though that was after firing my kuva orgis with a cautious shot mod, i sometimes get knocked down and when i get up i cant fire weapons, switch weapons or even transferance. Not sure what that is about. Also every RARE once in a while my orgis dose insta kill me (even if i am at full health and shields) Other than that thank you again for all the updates and content!
  2. Thanks for all the updates DE, but i had a question, My clan mate basically does not play anymore so i had to build the railjack myself and i am a crew of one. I know you were planning on at some point adding the ability to allow single player to play railjack i was wondering when. I know its not something i can just get an answer too but is there a rough timeline? Also i thought it would be interesting for Single Player if some of the crew we get are our other warframes. Anyway thanks for all the hard work! Cant wait to play railjack and the mini-quest. I am always packin my Paracesis!
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