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  1. Thats all kind of #*!%ed up... and i LOVE it! This made me laugh so hard. I mean thats fair its nightmare and supposed to be irritating (though a challenge for younger level players). As crule as it is i just cant help but see it as really funny. GG DE, GG.
  2. ok but still got boned on the polorized nightwave mission. Still did not register my forma'd items so... can you fix that?
  3. Hey so funny story, just finished the weekly nightwave and needed to forma two things from last week, however, after i forma'd two things i got nothing from the nightwave. It did not count. I spent forma i didnt want to spend on weapons i didnt really want to use forma on for this mission and i didnt even get the mission complete. so... Can that get fixed? i would prefer that the mission get fixed and recognize my foma'd items, or i want my forma back. either way hope i am not the only one who got boned on that mission.
  4. Neat but can i just say, is there any chance you can lower the requirement for the glaxion? i am in a clan with one other person and we could barley get to 1000, not only that but my friend is barley on so its just me trying and i suck. I even tried a few different teams of public matches, and the best we could do was 2200. I cant be the only one this is hard for. i dont really care about the trophy for the dojo, i just want the weapons. I know it is rediculus to ask to change something cause i suck at it, and if i am in the minority here ill just keep tryin to "get good", but if there is anyone else who feels like i do then maybe think about making the glaxion 2000?
  5. Fixed Tusk Thumper despawning if it or players moved too far from where it originally spawned. Thanks for this. thought i was going crazy lol.
  6. love the new melee but my controller seems to not work anymore. As in it wont recognize that i have a controller, and i have confirmed that the controller works on other games. Anyone else having this problem?
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