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  1. For the Nydus cyst future plans (think it was described as an alchemy system) would the be any chance of a farm like system we could upgrade parts of over time (im thinking something like Monster Hunters farm)? Or any information on this and the direction it may go in.
  2. Its likely more complicated than that, however it might also be fully as the artist intended it to be. The image does show what textures are mapped on it, so its hard to say its a surprise. I doubt that the creator is doing that for nefarious purposes. Its not in thier best interests. However, remember that alot of full outfits are designed in isolation, to make that one skin work. Designers are under no obligation to make more work for themselves by making thier skin compatable with every other helmet or skin. Its nice when they are, but shouldnt be demanded. Also, 6 days is not a long time. Especially when we dont know the circumstances for it. Maybe they're on holiday, maybe they're sick. Maybe they're looking at changing it but have forgotten to say anything. I just dont think its a 'grab your torch and pitchforks' time just yet.
  3. these were added to stop a problem of players rushing through the map. Doubt they'll remove them, though they have said they're looking at changing how they work.
  4. The spores appear and get bigger the longer your stand in place. Some others work in a similar way.
  5. Totally agree. I think the best idea is having Kuva enemies have a chance to drop kuva. This would work then in all kuva related activities, and make the entirety of the kuva fortress seem more relevent. I'd prefer small amounts dropped more regularly than larger amounts slower. It would feel even alittle rewarding. I do however wish they would scale back the ammount of kuva needed to re-roll rivens over time. At the moment your reward for not getting a good roll is having to spend more kuva each time. I feel it would be better to scale the price with MR instead, as higher MR gives better stats. Maybe 100 kuva per MR.
  6. For some reason My glyphs no longer work when using from the gear wheel. I get the sound, but nothing appears.
  7. Its fully on the end of the platform holders.
  8. Having played her recently during a Arbitration, I dont really think shes all that. Yes, under the right conditions she can be very strong, but only by keeping the spores in circulation. I dont disagree that shes strong over all, but the same thing can be applied to Equinox and Ember. Generally I dont play Saryn. I dont feel she needs a massive nerf. I also dont feel line of site would make a huge difference.
  9. I can understand the fustration in this for you as a new player. However theres something to be understood here. The problem isnt sayrn. The problem is high level players with high level mods on lower level missions. Theres at least 5 frames that can do what your concerned about better that sayrn. I suppose the issue is more that warframe is basically runs on a open MMO RPG system. At some point a player becomes so OP they trivulise the early game, yet are not prevented from playing in the same waters as new players.
  10. Will the loadout updates be applied to wepaons / warframes / ect so we can favorite these things. Also, is there any thoughts on updating credit pack and endo pack market prices? They seem very expensive for what you get, and i feel that the only people who would buy them at the moment would be newer players or those desperate for the boost. (endo especially seems way off compared to, say, Ayatan prices in trading).
  11. This would be great to have. Though I can understand it may cause issues with Actuas (the doll things, dont know if i spent that right.)
  12. I did not know this. I guess ive never needed to do it. It does explain a few things though XD
  13. There isnt any 1 way to deal with nullifiers. So its best, if you know your going to be fighting corpus, to prepare 1 of your 3 weapons to kill them. Same with drones. You've got to prepare ahead of time, preferably with a Wide AoE weapon.
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