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  1. Stop the press, i just had a thought. What about a Kit-mount? Pick you head / legs /body XD I dont nessisaraly mind the horse idea, but those shown a alittle too horse like as i see it.
  2. Like the overall idea, but ive got some thoughts on how the frame might work best, in my opinion. Take it or leave it 🙂 , i only coment because it interests me. Passive: With the Passive, I feel two things here. Firstly, the mechanic of stopping still to gather fragments runs somewhat counter to the run and gun warframe style. A more automatic collection of nearby shadows would make the frame more enjoyable. Second, the fact that the frame gains damage resistance when full of ingots would play counter to his supportive roll. Would it not be more interesting for him to loose damage resistance with each ingot gained, encouraging the spending of the resourse or a more risk/reward of hoarding ingots for a greater gain? I'd also increase gain to 100% when an enemy nearby dies to drop a 'shadow core', forged into a shadow ingot on collection. With the interaction of ingots on powers, i'd alter it so that when a power is cast, it consumes all ingots held. Each ingot consumed increases the powers stength/ range/ duration/ other effect per ingot consumed. in addition if the power is cast with 25 or more ingots stored, in gains the 'enhanced' effect. Ability 1: Keeping in line with the 'forgemaster' theme, id see ability 1 summon a shadow spears whch flies towards the target point. On hit it would cause an impact proc and leave a circular pool on the ground which would cause slow and accuracy debuff to ememies isnide, stacking every second. (mostly just cosmetically changed at this point). Ingots consumed would increase pool radius and duration. When Enhanced it would fire 3 shadow spears, the adition two at slight angles to the first. Strength effects debuff % amounts , Range effects pool AoE , Duration Effects Pool duration . Ability 2: With the frame automatically forging ingots, this ability is free'd up to allow more support options for the frame Forges shadow plates infront of the warframe, which on pickup gives bonus base armor to any warframe that picks it up for its duration. Ingots would increase the armor value and duration. When Enhanced it would also offer hp regen while active. Strength effects Armor amount , Duration Effects armor duration on pickup . Ability 3: Would change this abit, as for the most part the warframe is defencive/supportive, and so doesnt have much call for getting close to enemies. On cast the warframe teleports backwards, leaving behind a shadowy apperition which draws agro. The apperition refects 50% damage taken in an AoE around it. The apperition cannot be killed. Ingots would increase duration of the apperition, aswell as the reflected damage. When Enhanced the agro and damage relect range is increased. Strength effects relected damage , Range effects teleport distance , Duration Effects apperition duration . Ability 4: While much the same, i'd change the mechanics of the forged wepons. The warframe forges a single heavy weapon as a pickup infront of it. the type of weapon depends on how many ingots are spent in its creation. The shadow weapon pickup lasts 30 seconds before disipating if not picked up. The shadow weapon has no duration restrictions when picked up, but has an ammo pool that cannot be re-filled. Running out of ammo, or swapping weapon ends the ability use. 0-9 Ingots Creates a low damage, high rate of fire automatic rifle heavy wepaon, that deals puncture and impact damage with 50% status chance. Each ingot increases status chance by 10% and ammo pool by 20%. 10-19 ingots Creates a medium rate of fire shotgun heavy weapon, that deals corosive damage. Each pellet can bounce off surfaces 1 time. Each ingot increases multishot by 20% and adds 1 additional bounce. 20-29 ingots Creates a semi auto sniper heavy weapon, that deals high slash damage. There is a short cooldown between shots (akin to a reverse charge mechanic). Each ingot increases the damage by 15% and adds 0.5 penetration. 30 Ingots (Enhanced) Unlike the other abilitys, this one require a full 30 stacks to be enhanced. Creates the same weapon as would be produced at 29 ingots (including ingot stat bonus), with the following changes. Cosmetically the weapon is now reathed in shadowy flames. It no longer has a cooldown after shots are fired, has an increased magazine and has an aditional 50% viral damage. Strength effects weapon damage , Duration Effects ammo pool .
  3. This is the quote to reply to anyone who says DE doesnt understand its comunity XD
  4. Same here, I've just been focused on forma'ing and doing Rivens recently, that ive just not jumped back in yet. Though with mine I dont think any of us knew what was going on, but DE did make it easier to understand than the Edilons. Alot more friendly to new players of profit taker.
  5. I think that while what you're asking for isnt a bad idea, you're being too aggresive about it. Thats not going to make people want to listen on principle. Also, dispite being fairly active on the forums since the early days, this is literally the first time ive seen someone complain about this, so i doupt its the case of 'for years you have ignored your players' and more just that the issue isnt too prevailent.
  6. I dunoo. I feel its 50/50. Some players build as supports, like sometimes you get limbos or lokis who focus on keeping their team up or healers, ect. Other times you get the solo-together players building to take maximum effect of thier own kit. As long as people arnt AFK'ing its fine as everyone contrubutes. I think no-one has a right to complain about other peoples builds in a public matchmiaking, and if it bothers them too much, they should take the time to get a group together pre-game.
  7. I like the idea more if its not like chroma, but that the ice & fire elements are locked in. Also, for passives, maybe something like diablo 3s hunter would be good. Two seperate power pools which charge over time. The fire one adds power strength to fire abilities, the ice one to ice abilities. Blast pulls from both. Using fire abilities pulls charge from the fire pool, but generates ice pool, and ice pulls from ice but generates fire. Ability 2, if using the suggested passive, could generate more 'wisps' by using more charge, each 'wisp' increasing the abilities effect. Also think there are quite alot of 'buff sheilds / hp' powers, including chroma himself. Perhaps change this to be an aura that provides hp regen and critical chance, or sheild regen and status chance. Not sure Ability 3 is worth while, maybe instead..... Ability 4 seems clunky (as most will just shoot than engage in a complex power). So, remove the current ability 3, and split the current ability 4 in two parts. (assuming the use of suggested passive here) Have new ability 3 be setting traps. Maybe tap to set traps at feet, hold to fire all set traps. The trap has either fire or ice element depending on the current ability 2 element. Have them build damage based on enemies dieing nearby, or something similar that requires less focus (as most will just shoot than engage in a complex power). Have firing ability 1 at the trap before its triggered change its element, and after triggering to refresh its duration. Ability 4 could work great as a beam fired from the WF. It would be blast element, and pull from both pools. the warframe would be rooted during use, like mesa (maybe allowed a slow walk). Kills with the beam add to both passive pools. The beam gets larger and more powerful over time. Just my thoughts on what would be more interesting to play. NB: Also, DE would probably be unlikely to add more colour slots. Probably more likely that element 1 and 2 would be set, or affected by tertery and trim colours.
  8. That second silouette looks like a Destiny Guardian XD . Question for the devs, any chance of a favoriting system for loadout weapons? Like letting us tag which ones are our favorites and sorting them to top? Thanks 🙂
  9. My issue is i generally add enough forma to a weapon so it can use a full compliment of mods (this is part of the reason i dont sell weapons, because i potato & forma every one of them). And when i get a riven, i do this again. But some of my favorite weapons arnt nessisaraly the best, or some have better polatities, so dont require as much forma. And owning every weapon, theres alot to sort through. Hell, even having the favorites feature on warframes could be useful.
  10. I use my loadouts for pre-made setups, like a speed-run volt kit, or a farming necros.
  11. I've got all my stuff maxed on the graphics, but i never really have an issue. Exept with the reflections sometimes in orbiter.
  12. Nova, as it was the first real major desision over the game the design council got.
  13. I used to have terrible internet. In those days i would just solo. Its tough, but dedicated servers wouldnt do jack. Its not the hosts connection, its yours thats the issue. The best connection gets picked as host after a migration, so if you're not picked, its not you. So people with terrible connections can choose to always host, there by making sure that other people always have a bad connection? Doesnt seem very reasonable.
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