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  1. Basically it didnt work right. TBC after new war i imagine.
  2. Also a way to swap out or replace an ability from one slot without replacing that entire ability on any other builds. Would like to have an ability replace 1st ability on one build, and the same ability on 3rd ability on another build.
  3. As more of a casual long time player, i generally see it that if i want to focus status in my build, ill do a 60/60, but if its crit or raw damage then a 90. Because of the way status stacks now, more status chance is never really wasted.
  4. Well, it would be redundant to say 'All challenges need to be compleated if you wait 5 months to start doing it. Also, dailies are the 'top up' of the sytem. It takes about 2-3 months to fully do the Nightwave. I think 3-4 level a week is achiveable by doing all challanges that week, dailies included.
  5. Yea, the real question is "Why are steel path drop buffs +100%, when enemy buffs are +150%?"
  6. Then how do game announcements for unrealeased games work?
  7. And non-open world space battles. You can use them in all the mission types in railjack. IDK, maybe the ability to 1 hit level 100 enemies with an AoE rapid fire blast? Hardly weak, they're tankier than most warframes and hit harder. Also, players are testing it, in space missions. Bonewidows 4th definatly isnt balanced, its very strong. Still, yes we have nuke frames. Im not saying 'too op to be implemented'. Im saying 'too op that it disrupts the balance and thus becomes the only legitimate way to play'. Yes, it could be. As stated above, it could force a situation where if youre not using a voidrig then your just handicapping yourself. In doing so it will add less variety to gameplay. Think of all the op weapons people used to death that had to be nerfed. I want necramechs in normal missions as much as the next guy, but i want them in in a manner there they wont immediately suffer some god awful nerf.
  8. reasonable. Maybe make it so we can copy paste anything?
  9. The problem here is it doesnt encourage build diversity. Best practice with ability design is to have strength, duration and range effect the ability positivly. Having the building damage encourages longer duration builds, but having the multiplier effected by strength makes a secondary build possible.
  10. Thoughts: Sea snares: The point of not getting all 15 at once is you can lay them in multiple places to act as mines in def based missions. Maybe a 'hold to cast more' like vuban. Merulina: I dont agree fully. It definatly a pain with how it gets stuck, and half the time on normal tilesets you have your head in the ceiling while riding. Again, needs a hold to cast, where instead of summoning her, you get the health / damage resistance bonuses but non of the speed advantages. Agree with scaling. Aqua Blades: With this, i think keep it slash, but have it deal more damage each hit it does before expiring. Make multiplier effected by strength (maybe x1 per unique enemy hit at base). Riptide: Have to say, i find riptide very strong for the most part, but needs some sort of scaling for high level. Maybe just have it auto cold proc on explosion so those that survive are less of a danger right away.
  11. Nope, there fine in open world, i think you mean in non-open world missions? The 'they get stuck' isnt why theyre not in, its a balance concern. The space missions are likely a test ground for them to gather data on how it effects gameplay.
  12. You said 'i know how to spawn them', but without giving us any information on how you're doing it, we can't rule out that you're doing something wrong. After all, this isnt a widely reported bug by the looks of things, and 99% of the time when somethings going wrong its user error. In a previous post you put a 'guide' of how to do it, but best put this in the OP, so everyone knows your doing it right. Thought of something while typing the end of the below: Have you 'claimed' your weapon and robot dog? If not that could be an issue. If you have, add it to the things to tell support as mentioned below. Best bet at this point is to try spawning a lich larvling. At least if this doesnt spawn you know somethings messed up. After, submit a support ticket, and make sure to tell them that you have spawned and killed a sister (and whether you vanquished or converted), give them the step by step you used to try to spawn a sister, and then mention the results of trying to spawn a kuva larvling. Remember the more information you have in the support ticket the better your chances.
  13. I haven't, so I'll laugh for you. ha... haha... hahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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