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  1. Honestly, try it and find out. Its mostly solo. Any time you dont need to kill something, just run past it.
  2. The issue is more the Why of it. Companions didnt used to be invisible as well, so this ment that if you went invisible your companion would break stealth and alert enemies. Thats why invisible works on companions.
  3. Got to say, I run a duration build because i dont like recasting, but i do find that 60 seconds is a long enough timer for an ability.
  4. "I hope you havnt forgotten about me Tenno. I certainly havnt forgotten you." Oh yea. Sorry, I had.
  5. I thought it was just me, and that i needed to go to bed :D
  6. I dunno. I feel like whenever you look at videos or guides of people doing 5 min tridalons or whatever, they're heavily relying on Riven builds. And for clarity I forma every weapon, trash or otherwise, up to the point i can fit a full set of mods. And potato them. (Also, the BMW example..... its like, sure, you dont need a new BMW, but anyone who ever gets promoted in your workplace has a BMW, and everyone who doesnt never gets promoted. And no one says you need a BMW, but whenever they talk about their success the BMW comes into the conversation. Thats a more accurate analogy.) Per
  7. FYI, cast time is only 0.5 seconds atm.
  8. Its more indicitive that 15% dont enjoy using Rivens, but feel they need to regardless.
  9. Get a memory card for your switch. You could get just 1 that you only use for warframe, swapping it out when you want to play.
  10. Too stronk. Scaling, yes. Radproc, too much. Ability is already got a low duration, not sure this is a great change. Not sure this adds anything. Neither of these two are good. RD is already strong enough for it to be worth 100.
  11. With captura and all, it would be great if DE could just let us link to screenshots / external imagry.
  12. TBH, Steel Path is a very different kettle of fish to normal high end gameplay. SP has that bonus def on energy, so you really need to strip that as opposed to regular high level were you can just get more damage and bully your way through. If looking into SP, I advise using a Wukong built for continuity. You just cloudwalk thrpugh any mission that doesnt involve alot of killing. (spy, capture, sabotage, ect). Non-corpus def missions can benifit from using a limbo. Interceptions you want to look into a vauban. You'll be doing most of these solo, as Steel Path is basically dead.
  13. Side note on Tanky frames, Lavos is a Massive tank. Well suited to 3 Umbra mod builds, hes got massive narural health and armor pools, and picks up energy orbs for status imunity. Plus he can heal, and put Rad status on to abilities to avoid more damage.
  14. Gun wise, Stick with the ignis wraith. No aiming needed, and with the right build it streads. Its currently my Steel Path gun of choice. Get a high crit build with hunter munitions. Crit might not seem very high, but you hit so fast it melts. Bit of viral included and it all but melts. As for Tanky frames, consider getting a Xaku. Very good for Steel Path, as hes able to strip armor / sheilds 100%. With his dodge chance hes surprisingly tanky. In Steel Path I often out-live Inaros'.
  15. All good points. Alot of these screens could also benifit from some sort of favoriting / bookmarking system for prefered items, like loadouts have.
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