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  1. Its hard to say. Understandably secondarys tend to have lower DPS than primarys, but with so many weapons out there, its hard to say whats high. After all some very strong weapons have low damage but high fire rates or large status or crit multipliers, or high multishot, or some other mechanic like AoE or punch through. Generally modding is split into one of 3 focuses. 1) Pure Damage, You put on as much damage as you can. Mostly the refuge of new players, where damage types arnt quite so important in early levels compared to raw damage. In this case you want to look to what dama
  2. While i forma my sentinals i never need to swap polarities. Just ensure that the sacrifice mod is higher than the shooting one.
  3. chaotea


    Are you not able to add money to a steam account? (if your using steam). If your not using steam, you could try using steam.
  4. What? So if i did want it nerfed i would sugest your system? Are saying that you want to nerf the Ignis wraith? I take it your also refering to the part in my initial post where i 'negativly' pointed out that DE had already had a similar sytem and removed it from the game, or the part where i 'negativly' said i did like the idea of mods that gave the combined elements straight up? Gosh i was negitive there. You mean my arguement that the ignis as it currently stands is a relativly mediocre weapon, but modded correctly can be used to great effect. So th
  5. Not really sure thats the case. DE tends to nerf weapons or mods that are powerful themselves, but the Ignis Wraith is a full setup that works well. Condition overload would only get nerfed if your concept became a reality. No. The fact that you see this as a counter shows your not thinking about it clearly enough. But if needs must, ill explain it really clearly for you. Your concept is: Provide a new set of mods that do exactly what current mods do, but the elements dont stack like usual elemental mods do. This is a bad concept because: 1) A very similar system used to exis
  6. It definatly was not. Felt like they spent so long making the set piece for sevagoth, then hammered the rest together to ship it. Even jamming the music in felt out of place.
  7. Just having a system like Relics would be cool. Do a Sortie, and at the end each player has a seperate roll on the sortie reward table. Then, like with relics, each player can choose from all player rewards which one they want to keep. That way if you want endo, you can take it. And if all 4 people roll an endo statue, then its almost more acceptable if only in that you can chortle at the luck of it.
  8. Depends, whats a Shinig? You're going to need to offer more information.
  9. Think it was first year change. I do remember the days of rainbow builds. It was changed at damage 2.0, on November 20th 2013, so i think you were a year away from it happening. Sure, but making the other elements able to not stack isnt going to help this. Its just going to mean every slot on your weapon is using an elemental damage build instead. The reason powers scale better is for two reasons. Either they have some form of CC, or they scale based of enemy health or damage. This is massivly not true on 2 points. First, melee damage wont be caught up like t
  10. Do note, elements didnt used to combine. You used to be able to stack all the base elements without issue, but the Devs didnt like it because these mods became the only ones anyone ever put in. That being said it would be interesting if they released a set of the +60% damage / Status mods that were the combined elements.
  11. Read my post, all the informations on there.
  12. I think its not, but you could always change your operators gender.
  13. Might be cool if the arrow skins of each weapon, the default ones' were unlocked for use in all other bows when you own them.
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