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  1. Basically it works like this: Start weapon = Forma, ect. Weapon Chosen through Action = Element. What you did = You started with the clean fire element, and added your forma'd bow. What you should have done = Start with the forma'd bow, add the clean element.
  2. I'd thought about it, but the interface for this would be messy and break up the flow of gameplay. I doubt it would be implimented as such.
  3. While I can understand the purpose of it from a gameplay perspective, If it were to be removed there would be some difficulty on how the weapon is generated. Maybe a system where if the larvling is killed with the non-kuva variant, it always offers the kuva version. That could knock out alot of the RNG. Unique weapons could be tied to a specific weapon instead. In that vein, perhaps killing a lich with a specific kuva weapon generates another of that weapon with garanteed higher stats than the current one.
  4. In my case I didnt get fully involved in the system, only getting about 5 kuva weapons before the preview update. Since then ive been doing about 1 a day, just getting new weapons (no dupes). While i suspect it will get harder as the number of weapons I dont have gets smaller, im down to 3 now and im still getting them after 3-6 runs. Still, looking for just one specific weapon could be hard, and the system could need adressing, though i can understand DE wanting some RNG in the mix. Perhaps a system where the weapon is chosen from the pool at random, but if you dont accept a weapon its not chosen again unless you cycle through the whole pool. The pool should also reset on choosing a weapon.
  5. Im finding that if you dont have a weapon, it comes up more often. I generally only need around 5 to get a gun i dont own. Not sure what repeat wepon hunting would be like. Im running a 2 min capture for mine.
  6. Changing it so that a larvling (not lich) wont spawn with the same weapon twice in a row would help with the larvling grind. Had 3 in a row last night offer me the Khrom.
  7. chaotea


    Was just about to post a topic on this. Noticed the something under the 4 pillars in corpus sabotage rooms being entralled. Also noticed that the Lich is spawning in on corpus gas city outside the map, as in skyboxes out side windows, and just falling forever.
  8. Im a huge supporter of scrapping self damage all together. I get it in certain games, but it just doesnt seem like a good fit in warframe.
  9. I thought that maybe you could have these units spawn with a marker over them, and make it so the mercy kills if below a % of hp. Or make it so any heavy unit can be mercy'd at low hp (as they're the units less likely to be snowballed).
  10. Great, now its going to only take me about 2 weeks to grind the resourses I need for anything. (Mostly because everything uses Titanium, but its the resourse that drops the least for some reason). I didnt mind paying for this as it was cheap, and i dont get alot of time to play. Also, why has this been removed, but you can still buy forma, or endo. Not that im championing thier removal, I buy so much forma, but the idea that its removed because 'purchasing is too unfair an advantage' seems to fly in the face of this. (also what advantage? Its co-op). Cant help but feel that if it was seen as too much of a big problem, the correct fix would be to lower the cost of building railjack equipment so its not such a big advantage.
  11. Its not about addictive content, its about delivering replayable content. I agree that Railjack and Liches need alot of work, but I think were seeing the bare bones of what will one day be a compleated system. Im sure we will get more customisation in railjack. Remember that we are going to get more races, levels & modular arcwings for certain. DE is sure to add more. But they will want to make what is in now work before they expand. Its worth remembering that half the customisation we enjoy with warframes at the moment didnt exist when warframes was first introducted, even at the stage of open beta. Railjack will improve, we just have to be paitient and work with DE to make that trasition smooth. Well, that or it will be like lunaro where nobody plays it and we all stop caring 😄
  12. Not sure about the switching warframes, but does make an interesting thought that maybe DE could add some sort of consumable type that drastically changes how your warframe performs for a time. Something like, use one to gain 300% power strength for 3 min, but loose 50% max hp for 6 min. Sort of a buff / curse thing. Could be interesting. I think combining mods ourselves is a thing thats not a great idea, just given the complexity, along with server issues youve mentioned. That said, I would like to see more almalgems, though with more use. For example the amalgem serration gives sprint speed, which i dont think is a god improvement over just damage when modding a gun.
  13. The reason would be that DE make the game free, but get money from every plat perchase that they use to pay employes. Tennogen is made from people not employed by DE, so the revinue is required to be seperate from plat for finantial reasons. I think its something to do with how steam works, as the workshop is part of steam.
  14. The one i really need to hear is 'ramsleads inbound'.
  15. I know that, but i have to compleatly stop shooting or piloting to do so. some sort of mini map would be good so i know if someone else is dealing with issues.
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