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  1. Will credits earned in this intermission carry over into other intermissions?
  2. You should put a brief introduction explaining what your post is about. The passive does too much. Pick 1 thing. Not bad, the abilities have good synergy, though alot of the abilities seem overly complex. Im not sure any of them need charge mechanics.
  3. They should impliment something like how when you have a void key equipped you get a icon in the buff bar. And it should go in mission somewhere obvious like up where all the buffs are. People are sure to see that.
  4. Should have really posted this on your own topic rather than as a reply on mine, you'd get more traction. Some interesting ideas, but the issue with vuban seems deeper. As i said, I do like him, but his bastile is his only worth while ability, as theres so many warframes that do vortex better. Plus with no form of damage reduction hes too frail to take on high level missions. Plus his entire 'concept' theme is that of deployable weapons, so your suggestions for 1 & 2 seem alittle off, though not bad per say.
  5. I think that 'Just' making him like other frames is pointless, as you may as well use other frames. Also hes never seemed overly squishy to me. His survivability isnt the issue, its his powers being near useless against anything that isnt infested. I cant see picking it up as a great idea as the turret would likely be less powerful than a regular weapon. What does it do alone though? Warframes start at level 1, and dont unlock another power for alittle while. Thats why all warframe 1st powers do something and dont require other powers to function. Also im guessing this is based on the original powers and not my concept. Not overly needed, his current 4th is just to hold them in place. Out of interest, did you read any of the concept or just comment based on the title? Because the only thing similar is the exalted weapon idea.
  6. I dunno, I always thought the limbo thing was part of how his power was ment to be used. Its to complex for me, but it doesnt seem worth an out of the blue suspension.
  7. I say this as someone who hasnt done any of this, but the punishment feels very heavy handed. Especially as no one seems to have been harmed. At worst I'd say give the warning and wipe the scores, but suspension for using a power in the game creativly seems too much.
  8. Because his current passive would be useless with this power set? Did you only get as far as the passive before commenting though?
  9. Got to say, alot of this doesnt seem like a professional buisness analysis. But rather than have a go or anything, i'd advise watching the 'No-Clip' documenterys on Youtube about DE, where they talk about alot of this stuff.
  10. Not trying to be groundbreaking, but present a concept that might be enjoyable to use. Much of the functionality exists within vuban to some extent, but I wanted something more than throwing golf balls. Also, the sarcasm is hardly nessisary. Even if you dont like saying positive things on the forumns, which is fine, its still not cool and doesnt help anything.
  11. So this is my Vuban Rework idea. Just some thoughts here that I hope flow on to the devs. After seeing the Wukong rework i felt more at ease offering a more radical redesign of powers, though as a Vuban fan im keen on keeping much of the essence of the frame. Note that by conceptual concept, I mean simply that I have a solid idea for a rework, but alot of the 'moving parts' of the concept have multiple ideas that could work. I think of it as a solid concept designed for general insperation. A quick Forword: I wont be including stats and the like, thats in the devs realm so i leave it to them, though I will suggest general ideas such as 'this would have high damage' which is simply me trying to make clear the idea for my concept. Equally I tend to not use ability names and the like, though will sometimes use placeholder names for clarity. With that out of the way, onto the concept. My view on vuban is that he is primaraly a defence frame. He picks a spot and holds it down. As such I will design with a focus to this aspect, but also want him to function well in fast paced missions like exterminate. To this end the concept comes with the suggestion that his cast rate be fast, with abilities activating imediatly, and having any animations continue after the power activates. Hopefully this makes sense as we go on. I've drawn alot of inspiration for this concept from the engineer class in Team Fortress 2. Not only in how deployable weapons can be used and interacted with, but also in how sometimes a good static defence is using a static offence. Dropping a low level turret into enemy front lines can make all the difference. I will use spoiler tags to keep things tidy. Passive Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 And thats the concept. Over all Im looking to improve the impact Vuban has on the battlefield. Visually and otherwise. The focus on more visually striking deployables allows these constructs to act as focus points in a battle. Players can stand near turrets for aditional fire support, or leave them to defend locations while the focus elsewhere. Bastilles can be useful forward resuply points, or positioned to aid defending key locations. Mine layers can offer useful damage and disruption at choke points, or be positioned as early warning devices for sneaky units. Overcharge as the ultimate is probably the bigest departure from the original. There were two reasons for its design. Firstly, it feels quite good to have one ability that is less focused on management. Second, this Vuban is going to be very energy hungry. So using energy for the overally buff is a tactical choice. Now onto the 'Moving Parts' section. These are alternative ideas or musings I had: Deployables & Health Development & Design Desisions Deployables & Effects And thats a wrap, hope this interests some people. I'd love to play this version of Vuban myself, and love to think of the synergy between it and frames like frost, volt or limbo.
  12. This should be a headline note!
  13. chaotea

    Colour Pickers

    I'd love to see more colour pickers made avaiable. In theory it shouldnt be a load more work to impliment, though i may be wrong. I loved the Spektaka colour picker that was released as a Prime subscription reward ... (though not as a subscription reward, i'd prefer more that are directly purchasable, as i subscribed for a month but imedialt cancled my subscription as im just not interested in Prime, i just wanted the colour picker.) ... and would love to see more pickers with fewer main colours with long transition gradiants between. Especially for non-complimentary colours. (A red that turns to green, then purple, then brown & back to red for example). Colours are so important to fashion framing, I'd love to see more direct purchase ones that arn't limited time ones.
  14. Surely it would be better to have the featured dojos be instanced seperatly.
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