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  1. Id be interested in something where you collect samples, that gain value the more you have (like index) but also decay over time, so holding more for a longer time risks loosing more if your not topping up.
  2. I think due to the nature of the update it was needed, otherwise you'd be running things like two lighting engines at the same time. The optimisation took 40min on my machine.
  3. That would be the Great Ensmallering. Check the patchnotes.
  4. No, exiting the arsenal and going back in seems to fix. And its not just that its white, it reverts back to the basic model shape. Looks real janky.
  5. I just love that this is a names thing. Made me laugh.
  6. Skin related, not vendor related. If you equip the skin then unequip it, the kdrive takes on a no-texture blank white model appearence, and all scrawls and other customisations take on placeholder names. Also, the skin in customisation holds the same pose as the kdrive, which is too close to the camera.
  7. I recon they are warframes that wont ever really be reviled. And i recon Xaku itself is an independant, but unfinished warframe, that uses the scraps of warframes as its shell, but that its abilities are its own. Side note though, i want to get 3 premium skins for zaku, each one being the full look of 1 of its frame parts.
  8. Actually on a serious note, can they not change it so the name above the summon is 'shadow summon' or something, because atm its exactly the same as the enemies.
  9. This is enirely missinformed. I'm starting to think you are either choosing not to read my comments in full, or are purposfully misinterpreting my attempts at discussion in order to full your own agenda. Especially seeing as you take entire paragraphs, and quote single lines out of context an get wound up about it. And all of this is good. My main point was that none of this was your argument. Your main arguement was that you just said it all sucked and needed changing, and i was saying you should more clearly lay out your reasonings and your suggestions. Every time i did you've c
  10. Stagnation is unhealthy for warframe. Making the hymolith system more accessable incourages interaction in other systems, like unique game modes to earn frames (like protea and grendal) as players are more likely to want to gather duplicate frames. And DE obviously dont feel that way. Think about it. Zaws, kitguns, soon to be modular arcwings. The game is moving more and more towards a more customisable systems overall.
  11. You forgot people who bring Kavats with no health or sheild mods which are constantly going down.
  12. not for the end of every 'reward' stage. Anyway, i dont really care about any of those, its rare that it happens. Im more just pointing out that its abit of an extreme post.
  13. This is my exact thoughts. Sure, it would be great if it did more damage once youve got them, but just om-noming the in a pool is funny. See, i think limbo is great. I get why people struggle with him, i used to hate him (both using and playing with) but after his rework i tried again and came to love it. His 1 could definatly be swapped for something less troll worthy, but he makes a nice change to AFK frosts on defence missions.
  14. Though your own arguements are 'its bad because i think so and thus thats a fact'. And now you're just attacking my character, which is fine, as long as you dont try to use that against me. Oh wait. But seriously, my analogy wasnt an attack on your character. To be entirely transparent, i do think your acting very erractically, like everything im saying is a personal attack. But quite francly im not trying to say hydroid doesnt need any work. Im simply trying to open a discussion on how he could be improved and why. If thats the case, link that in the topic text. Thou
  15. A C is still a passing grade. It was more a comment on the exlimation that 'i dont like how any of his powers work'. Not, if you dont think a frame is good use something else.
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