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  1. Mostly really nice changes. As the owner of several powerful rivens for powerful weapons, I feel that the stat reductions I've seen are pretty fair. However, since Kohm and Detron have been exempt due to 100% status chance, I'd like to put forward the case for the Vectis to be returned to its previous disposition. Before the update, a negative magazine size reduced the Vectis Prime from a magazine of 2 to 1 - ideal for /Charged/Primed Chamber builds. While this roll is still powerful, as it now has no effect on the weapon, it completely changes the feel of the Vectis Prime for those few of us who used such rivens. The ideal fix would be to sort out the mess that is Primed Chamber and give the Vectis Prime a base magazine size of one (seeing as the only reason it was given an increased magazine was because of Primed Chamber's scarcity, and the Depleted Reload mod was made as a bandaid fix to the problem, but taking up a valuable mod slot). I don't expect any changes to be made, seeing as the Vectis is apparently a popular weapon (possibly because of Twitch drops and the game being flooded with them), but I thought it was worth mentioning seeing as Kohm and Detron have been given special consideration due to people using rivens to reach some ideal stat. Hopefully I won't have to shelve my favourite sniper rifle along with my Ember.
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