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Hey E-M-E-R-L here, Long time player, noob on the forums though.

I play Warframe pretty often, I'm a Clan Warlord too, though I've only got 1 member in my clan beside me, and I haven't seen hide nor tail of them since I added them x3 My Clan is Doppleganger yeah, I know it's misspelt, didn't back when I made it several years ago. My Clan Dojo has pretty much everything researched, only a few handfuls of things left.


As of writing this, my Mastery Rank on the PS4 is MR18, I got lloottss of Warframes and weapons, I'm well versed in most every weapons I've got and ALL Warframes(only missing a few primes and not yet released on PS4 Warframes) too so if we meet in game, feel free to ask me for some tips or help with something, just none of that l33t speak stuff, can't read that stuff most the time.


Welp, I think I've said enough for the time being, hope to see any/everyone in game :D


Here's some pictures of my lovely and DEADLY Nova Prime~♥


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