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  1. Yet the Festive orbiter decoration is still missing pls fix
  2. Same problem here, just did it and didn't count, even tho it showed the complete dialog
  3. Thank you so much for the changes in the conservation, its amazing and yet requires skill, really happy
  4. Please DE, revert the conservation changes
  5. nice touch removing the FUN of Conservation
  6. Really Apreciate that! now if you guys could look at the charge speed of the tesla, because takes too much time to a full charge
  7. Thanks for the update, after a few testing, Vauban has clearlly improved, but a sugestion will be to change the repel from 4s to 2s, because some enemies like ospreys and chargers still reach the inside of the bastille pretty fast
  8. they mostly happen when enemies come from under the bastille, like climbing stairs or from the bottom of a hill, and they enter inside the bastille
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