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  1. I don't even know what you're talking about, the arca plasmor doesn't deal any impact damage, and next time you say it does, show some proof.
  2. Nobody said the arca plasmor is a beam weapon, nice one. And you're the one who doesn't get it. It doesn't matter whether the phantasma is a rifle or a shotgun, it's a weapon with a continuous fire mode that has to reload after 2 seconds of firing, and that is ridiculous, seeing as the next lowest magazine firing time for continuous weapons is just over 4 seconds.
  3. You know what's great? Adding unnecessary lines to posts I'm trying to say that a continuous weapon, regardless of which mod pool is used, shouldn't have to reload after 2 seconds of firing.
  4. So what you're saying is that if the phantasma was listed as a rifle, you would suddenly change your opinion on the magazine capacity?
  5. Are you saying that the quanta, ignis, and phantasma are not continuous weapons?
  6. imagine if the quanta had a magazine size of 23, you're saying that is too high
  7. it's not a shotgun, it's a laser that uses shotgun mods
  8. how is the mag capacity high when it has a fire rate of 12, that's like saying the baza has a high mag capacity.
  9. That doesn't change the fact that it has a 50% damage penalty on cloned flesh and fossilized with no damage bonuses.
  10. why do you want everything to deal the worst damage type in the game
  11. Lol, they're just waiting for the next night cycle as per the usual.
  12. When did they say it wouldn't come this week? Was it in the "where is update 23.5?" post when they said it was still planned to come out this week? Or was it in this post, where they gave literally no indication of when it's releasing?
  13. well yeah, anything is more than 0, since the arca plasmor deals 0 impact damage
  14. Did you read the latest update? Don't answer that because I know the answer.
  15. they're not changing, you just have the choice of getting a different primed mod
  16. I never said you were against the changes, just that you were against discussing how to change it.
  17. That's exactly against it. We were saying how the stats should change, and you tell us the stats are subject to change, the exact thing we were talking about, in an attempt to end the conversation by saying it's unnecessary.
  18. you never said it explicitly, but you implied it by saying that the stats are subject to change after we were asking for them to change.
  19. You're implying that that would happen without someone suggesting it
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