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  1. After playing through the quest for a second time, I collected the first fragment in the spy mission, then I collected the second fragment in my railjack. I believe the somachord fragment shows up on both the tempestarii and the players railjack, but I collected it on the railjack. After finishing off the quest, I went to the somachord and could not see it anywhere. I am on Xbox btw.
  2. I have been experiencing an extremely noticeable increase in all loading screens. Whether it's loading into a mission, or even just opening up the foundry, it is taking much longer since the update.
  3. Clan Name: The Seventh Dynasty Clan Tier: Shadow Clan Platform: Xbox One Clan Role: Founding Warlord Feature Image: Common Hall Trophy Room Research Hall Garden of Ascension Exhibition Hall Treasury Bridge Grand Hall Grand Athenaeum Royal Baths Bonus Room
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