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  1. Nope. It sadly doesn't. What happens when you pet, when your companion is at 100% loyalty already?
  2. I mean, just because you like it, doesn't mean the majority would prefer it without self-damage (Which as far as this thread has shown, is majority dislikes self damage).
  3. Here I am, just wanting my mods to not be taken away from when I put them on my pets. Please for the love of all that is pewpew, make Sentinels like exalted weapons when it comes to mods.
  4. Self damage is lame in a game where you move at the speed of lightning as far as I'm concerned. Especially when a weapons damage FAR out ranks your health in almost every case. And to keep self damage for literally 1 Warframe (And a couple in the future I'm sure) is not a great way to basically nullify an entire genre of weapons for the majority of the playerbase. This thread alone is pretty evident that most people want/are okay with self damage being gone. I personally look forward to playing with a lot of the weapons in my Arsenal that have been in cryo for literally years, cause they end up killing me far more than the enemy ever does.
  5. The first person to notice during the close to 3 years I've had it. PS. I don't think anyone actually answered the question, and they mostly mis-understood. I was just wondering if there is any benefit to petting when they are at 100% loyalty already (Outside of adorable snuggles). Or if its best to just wait till it is lowered.
  6. Kinda weird to be bumping this for about a year now. But whatever, I'll bite. 1. Just get rid of the loot farming imo. Even though he has one of the most used farming frames, and Nekros Prime is constantly being given away for free on Twitch Prime, and other events. He is still only smack dab in the middle of popularity. And because he is constantly being given away, and the fact he is one of the main farming frames, I don't think he will seriously get looked at. 2. I like Soul Familiar, I think it is a cool replacement. 3. I don't like Dark Command, it is either too boring by just using its basics, and I'd hate to suicide my shadows. 4. Terrify is still a crappy ability imo, I'd rather have something that is more useful other than niche situations. And more fun to use. 5. I still believe Shadows of the Dead needs an overhaul, as it is now, it doesn't do anything other than add some meat shields. I personally want a more DPS oriented Nekros. I don't want a Nekros that is just tanky, and you just use your guns for everything else. As I've said before, add an Exalted Pet (Death Knight or something edgy), and a % of the mods on him get extended to your shadows. Which will help them actually be useful, and scale well. Then make one of the abilities cause the Exalted Pet to dash/teleport to an area, and do a wide swing with his melee weapon. Hold it, and teleport the entire army to that location. Nekros DEFINITELY needs more control over his army. And, to be able to get a menu that allows you personally to add whatever priorities you want for shadows, would be great. I'd also love it if we could get say, 4 shadows that we can permanently lock in to a slow (But can't use duplicates, and they scale with the highest level shadow you obtained that mission). Maybe we can only unlock them after killing them so many times or something. Make it a hunt quest for the best enemies, I would enjoy it anyways.
  7. Wow, am I looking forward to that. But Mitty can't die! I won't let it happen.
  8. Curious if my pup Mitty has its loyalty timer reset if I pet her at 100%.
  9. I'm dying to have the Nekros Prime Noggle, one of the few I'm missing. Curious if the dual pack gives it, and what pack is required to get if so? The internet is fairly vague on this...
  10. Klaleara

    Nekros 1 and 2

    I still stand behind removing loot drops from Nekros. I think that's the only way he would get reworked, is if he didn't have one extremely boring role people still used. What's funny, Nekros is still one of the more used farming frames, yet he is in the lower tiers of usage within Warframe. And that is from older data, prior to Khora suddenly becoming a beast, which I'm sure lowered it even more. I want a friggn awesome Necromancer, whether that comes at the cost of his loot drop or not, I personally don't care.
  11. Talking prestige/paragon levels? I'd be for that.
  12. More reason to have access to that than just Intrinsics. If you cap out on dropped weapons/gear, it will auto crap the rest. And you have no way of being able to choose what to scrap unless you have access to that console.
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