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  1. I don't like NIghtwave. Hate that I have to spend 50-80% of my playtime on Nightwave, otherwise I might potentially never get the rewards. I didn't even get to max out Nightwave, and I did Nightwave almost the entire time that I was able to play Warframe. So, no infected operator for me.
  2. This is how I feel. Umbra is its own Warframe, with its own thing that people like. If you are running a mission where you don't want it, then run a different Warframe. The exalted blades shouldn't turn off though, that sounds frustrating.
  3. Here I am, thinking there isn't enough enemies on the map. AKA, I hate your idea behind less enemies. I love there there are so many enemies. Makes it chaotic, and fun. Also, most of the best weapons in the game are not AoE weapons. AoE makes for good farming weapons, but high level missions, you're going to see more Soma's, Tigris's, etc. Single target high damage weapons. =================== ALso, no plat purchases? I think they like money for weapons and warframes. Not happening, and don't blame them. I wouldn't mind adding mutators to missions to make drop rates higher.
  4. He is very good? Nekros isn't very good. He has a tanky ability, which I feel like should be a lot more than "tanky", and it isn't even that good of one comparably. And he has a decent team support ability, which is also decent on the level of team support. Then his 1 is damn near literally useless except for a laugh. And his 2 irritates people, cause you don't want enemies running away. Only good when needing to res someone. Not only that, but for him to be useful, you basically require 2 augments. Augments should help shift the playstyle, not be required to be useful. Using up 2 mod slots to make his 4 useful, and another to make it so Desecrate doesn't constantly have to be recast due to energy drain, REALLY hurts your ability to mod him in other ways. Nekros is in an "okay" place at best. The ONLY reason people consider Nekros good, is because he drops additional resources/mods, which should NOT come into play in regards to him being a good frame or not. Which is why I want it removed entirely.
  5. What do you mean by "Gain their buffs"? Am I going to have a ice barrier, with a nullifier barrier, while randomly exploding, and radiating everything?
  6. I like hte idea of leaving the soul behind. And it should be a multiplier for everyone shooting the soul, not just the shadows. ------------ As for health orbs healing Shadows, no. I want to keep getting new Shadows. Not hold onto the old ones forever.
  7. I mean, there is nothing on the first page that is anything like he said. There was a thread in regards to a ton of changes, but nothing like this. And if you're expecting someone to go through every page, you're drunk.
  8. I mean, we would have to remove the knockback on soul punch. You would basically negate your entire Shadows as they all go running off into space trying to chase down the guy you sent to the never solar system. Also, Nekros needs a lot more work than his 1 and 2. His 4 should not just be for tankyness, especially due to requiring an augment. Augments are supposed to help, not be the only reason to use his 4. And his 3 is in a good place, I would like to remove resources/mods from dropping though. His farming capability is what makes him one of the most played Warframes (Along with the fact they keep giving out his Prime for free). Makes it a hard sell to rework a Warframe that is so consistently played.
  9. I've said it once, I'll say it again. Even those this thread reeks of some troll. I wouldn't care if they re-introduced Excalibur Prime. It's the ugliest damn Frame out there anyways (Jumpsuit with a key smashed on his face), and Umbra is superior to it anyways, while being several thousand times cooler looking.
  10. It's definitely cool. Kinda made me sad, cause having Meteors come down from some Astronomy based Warframe would be a lot cooler. Or some Lore of Heavens Comet of Casandora stuff. It seems like Meteors is too good for Ember imo.
  11. Yes. But it would be better to just have a simple change. And you no longer. It's a QOL change. Sounds useful to me /shrug.
  12. You have to strip mods in order to unslot an aura usually.
  13. Only slightly off topic. I didn't even know this was a thing! My god, this will allow my build to be perfect on my Nekros! Thanks for complaining about this, so I could learn about it <3.
  14. Lots of developers do this with their game. I wouldn't be surprised if DE did. This isn't just a hobby, this is literally their job. They are some of the foremost experts in the world when it comes to this stuff. Sometimes its to force people to switch to new stuff to keep the grind going, sometimes its to have people try new things. A lot of psychology is put into this stuff. Granted, I'm sure there are times when they are surprised by what we find, but it is probably more rare than one would think.
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