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  1. I understand, but for example, the nodes are traversed in a solo, secondly, I don’t mind helping and vice versa, I would like to exclude the parasitic element from the game when players don’t even try to open a starchart, as I wrote above, even encounter players rank 20+ and did not bother to open up to the way to Hydron for example. I have another example, my comrade from the clan got a permanent ban, was forced to create a new account, he opened the star map again in a couple of weeks, the goal was just set
  2. This is commendable, but returning to the topic, my idea was precisely to stimulate (not necessarily solo) the player to open the entire map, and not to beg, because it is not so difficult, given that in all locations (not necessarily all day) ) are random players. I understand that some players have problems with quests, but that means helping them get through this stage, and not doing a disservice. I don’t mind that I’m not going to push a player around locations (help plan), but against visiting an unopened player location to force the player not to beg for lead, but to open the location. After all, the game has a mechanic of stimulation on the same Orca relay or the hunt for Sphere
  3. The problem is not that someone support opening locations, I am not against mutual assistance, the problem is that someone does not want to open locations, but makes a jump through locations, for example, to reach Hydron, but this is a constant pain of the Russian chat, when due to the lack of a normal moderation in the region, there is constant spamming by these simple ones
  4. No one forces to craft all that is in the game from the first day, and in order to have access to resources, you just need to open the location. But this is laziness to the neophytes, they want it here and now. I offer only action to stimulation. At the same time it will solve (partially) the problem of the Russian chat segment.
  5. I'm not complaining, initially I don't care if you want to drag players who do not want to open a star map, please, this is your choice. the question of how to force them to open, and not to torment others by asking them to take them somewhere, I will help players in their game, but I don’t take them somewhere. They want to open the card, please, invite me to the game, I help them. Yes, and I have been playing since 2014, so this problem has always been, but it didn’t touch me, I personally opened the card
  6. I don’t mind help, but help is different, there is help when I’ve been in a party to help, and there is a party where I fall on the tail, I don’t say to cancel help, I’m just saying that to remove the possibility visiting missions in undiscovered locations, if you argue that such a mechanic kills the spirit of the game, you can then remove the ban on visiting missions on forays, just remove the need to open the map - "wherever I want, go there and go"
  7. This will help eliminate the element of parasitism and not wanting to do something yourself "Like why should I strain if I ask and take me away, it’s enough for me to sit on the open Earth" I often come across messages that the player will not even just raise the rank actively, but be on a mission as a “body”
  8. Why alone, this made a) the neophytes get together for the passage of missions in stages, b) this does not mean that I cannot help the neophytes to pass their game but step by step, well and in hand it takes me two weeks to open the chart without much fanaticism. and there are always random players at the missions where the ranks usually increase
  9. I'm not angry, but it kills the very meaning of the game, the meaning of the game is something to achieve, and so what meaning will I achieve it myself or see for example the game on Youtube
  10. Yes, I suppose I am not surprised when new recruits ask for it, but when I meet people 20+ wounds asking for it ... it's just parasites sitting behind the other players
  11. Namely, they don’t want to open motivating that it’s a long or hard time, they are looking for how to raise the rank without straining hard, that is, as we say "fall on the tail" and the messages start to clog the chat "... take me to Hidron because the location is not open, but I want to raise my rank faster ... "
  12. Often, players do not show a desire to open a map, arguing that other players will lead me to a location of interest to me. Adding the arbitration mode to the game was not fully resolved, the endless ones continue "... take me away because this location is not open for me ...". I propose to use the mechanics of such a "hunt for the Sphere" or "visit the relay" only working as the impossibility of taking a player to a location, if he himself did not open it. I think this will force the player to open a map of the solar system and slightly unload the chat from beggars Regards and ... sorry for my English :)
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